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  1. For sure, just PM me with your e-mail address.
  2. Thank you Steve! I've downloaded that manual you made on A/City.
  3. Simon, Great share! Thank you so much. Best
  4. Thank you Boris! I sent you an email. Still waiting for your reply...
  5. This webpage is moved to 日本からの映写機 motion picture projectors from japan
  6. I've tried the Angenieux 12-240mm zoom with the CA-1 mount on my eclair ACL II. As you know, its a heavy zoom. The sales brochure says: These are no mere adaptors. Lenses are rigidly and precisely held against the camera face. So you can use zooms, or other long or heavy lenses without any other lens supports. The manual says (p. 17): As you will notice the Eclair intermediate TS mount is exceptionally robust with a large locating diameter and thrust face. The use of lens supports with the mount is not necessary. I will be happy, if I could get some advice: * Whether the camera mount and CA-1 mount are OK with this weight. The strength issue, then the alignment and FFD issue. *Whether this lens needs support regardless of the mount. Thank you so much for sharing your invaluable experience with us.
  7. After you read the ACL II literature carefully, you get this info: Optics The ACL II's patented universal lens mount system consists of a threaded "C" mount receptacle (mechanical back focal distance of 17.52mm) set flush into the camera body face, surrounded by a collar of raised threads of larger diameter. Camera mounts with a stainless steel collar can quickly be locked into position on the raised threads. You can use any of the well-known professional lenses with accessory camera mounts that fit the raised threads. Including, of course, the heavy-duty Eclair CA-1 bayonet lens mount, (mechanical back focal distance of 48mm) which is supplied standard with the camera. These are no mere adaptors. Lenses are rigidly and precisely held against the camera face. So you can use zooms, or other long or heavy lenses without any other lens supports. A slot for gelatine filters is set into the camera body between the lens mount and the reflex mirror. So there is no need for separate filters for each lens, and you can see the filter through the viewfinder. So, I understand from this statement, the support is only needed when the lenses are threaded on the C-mount.
  8. Hi Gregg, Thank you so much. I know that bulky ARRI stuff, I really don't want to deal with those dovetails. I want a simple thing well enough as a support for my heavy zoom. I like the custom-build things... What about to design one like used for NPR many years (bottom bracket)? One simple rod, one cheese-plate between the cam and the tripod and one hinged lens ring . NPR has a place for connecting the rod on the body, of course. Cheers, Erkan
  9. I've tried the Ang 12-240mm zoom with CA-1 mount on eclair ACL. As you know, its a heavy zoom. Well, the CA-1 mount is robust and threaded well on the body. Despite this, I suspect I have to use a support. Possibly, a lens bracket. By the way, I don't need a matte box system with rods and base plate, etc. I could not find a bracket suitable for this application. I think the only alternative seems to be supporting the lens from top, connected to the carrying handle screw serves as accessory holder. Any advice? Thank you in advance!
  10. What is the filter thread size of the EE CdS window of Canon Scoopic 16M? Many thanks!
  11. Hi Mario, Unfortunately not, my friend in Japan emailed me some in Japanese only. Are you interested in having that? I also gave my camera to my friend as a present. Best, Erkan
  12. I am currently looking for UHER 1200 REPORT SYNCHRO brochure in English. If anybody has scans, I'll be more than happy! Many thanks!
  13. These labs have world-class services you can trust: IMAGICA Corp. (株)IMAGICA 2-14-1 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022 Tel: +81-3-3280-1338 Fax: +81-3-3280-1339 E-mail: sakaguchi.akira@imagica.jp URL : http://www.imagica.com/ TOKYO LABORATORY LTD. (株)東京現像所 2-13 Fujimicho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-8555 Tel: +81-42-485-9915 Fax: +81-42-481-6100 E-mail: togen@tokyolab.co.jp URL : http://www.tokyolab.co.jp YOKOCINE D.I.A. INC. (株)ヨコシネ ディー アイ エー Sales Department 41-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042 Tel: +81-3-3464-4882 Fax: +81-3-3464-4080 E-mail: m-takahashi@yokocine.com URL : http://www.yokocine.com If you need any further info, just ask... Good Luck!
  14. So, Canon gives the fair specification of slo-mo fps rate for these cameras.
  15. Thank you Andries! I just would like to know, why Canon gives this approx value for 36fps on all Canon literature. For an example, I have a Nikon R10, and the 54fps exact value is given on all Nikon literature.
  16. Thank you Matt! Its not about X-tal sync or pulse sync, etc. I just would like to know, why Canon gives this approx value for 36fps. I've never seen approx values given of slo-mo fps rates for any other camera than these two models.
  17. Why its an approximate value? Why not exact? Because of battery drainage? Thanks for any reply.
  18. Chinese HE-PING 16mm camera brochure/instructions: http://www.mediafire.com/?qen57j5us4wdk7z Enjoy!
  19. Hi Charlie, Thank you so much for your reply as usual. I just sent you an e-mail. Best, Erkan
  20. I want to use UHER 1200 SYNCHRO REPORT with the its X-tal sync generator accessory. Does this accessory help also for resolving? Or I need anything else during sound transfer? By the way, I need its Brochure and Owner's Manual in English. Thank you so much for your help!
  21. Thank you Steven! I know Mitchell systems and variable shutters well. Most of the latest PFX systems use butterfly type reflex mirror shutters for viewing only synced with the focal plane shutters for exposure, except XL and XL2, where there is an oscillating mirror and a focal plane shutter. I have seen pictures of them, except XL series, showing only butterfly mirror shutters on the books and manuals. What I need is a picture or a drawing of the focal plane shutters of PFX systems.
  22. Hi Folks, I never found an opportunity to work with PFX cameras. What I know is they have two independent shutters, one with butterfly mirror reflex, the other with spinning focal plane. I have seen the pictures and drawings of mirror butterfly, but the focal plane. Do you have any pictures or drawings of that? By the way, I have read that XL series use the oscillating reflex mirror apart from focal one. Thank you for all replies! Best
  23. The manual is online again! Cinema Products CP 16R Operations and Maintenance Manual Enjoy!
  24. I need the scans of the manual and/or schematics of GOKO RM-3D editor/viewer. Thank you very much for your interest!
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