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  1. I am looking for the Yashica 8P3-RS manual. I'd be glad, if someone would share the scans.
  2. Dear Members, I am looking for the ELMO CINEMATIC SOUND DR-1 and SYNCHRO SOUND SA-1 manual scans. SR-1 and A-1 will be also helpful, I think. Any help is highly appreciated! Erkan
  3. Does anybody have this brochure? Thank you so much!
  4. Dear Members, I am looking for an English-language manual for Beaulieu 2016 Quartz. Scans will be highly appreciated. Sincere thanks!
  5. Dear Members, I am looking for the scans of the Canon Canosound PS-1000 instruction manual. Could be in any language. Thanks a lot for your attention!
  6. That sounds amazing! Glad to hear. I had the opportunity to work with OPTARs in the past, they had very good contrast. Optar Illuminas are made by JSC "OPTIKA" in St. Petersburg (in the USSR: NPO "EKRAN", Leningrad) exclusively for the U.S. You are close, did you visit the factory?
  7. Dom, thank you very much for your good words!
  8. An engineer's approach of course. :D
  9. Dear Heikki, Sincere thanks for your continuing interest!
  10. Guys, please be patient, there are lots of information both of junk to be cleaned, and perfect to be added. Need time...
  11. Cameras ├ęclair
  12. Hi Folks! Does anyone have the instruction manual of Silma 8S macro zoom camera? Scans will be highly appreciated. Best Erkan
  13. Dear Members, I am a Prof. of Cinematography, and desperately need help. I am looking for a member whose has engineering knowledge and/or is interested in the subject. I have a 6-page Chinese (S) engineering document (in .doc or .pdf) related to the 35mm movie projector framing device specifically. Can anyone help me? Your help will be highly appreciated! Best, Erkan
  14. OMG, it's so nice to hear from Charlie again!!! The lamp is 6V 10W. A photo tutorial will be posted soon...
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