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  1. Finally, enjoy! Thanks to Mark Gulbrandsen, Grant Loucks of AGE and Jonathan Froes Cinema Products GSMO manual
  2. I collect documents for almost 40 years. I don't need a manual for operating a simple camera, hence I can easily understand French. I speak German and Russian, its well enough to read beautifully written technology books in the field. I am a retired Prof. of Cinematography, technical consultant, and a DoP.
  3. Hi August, Unfortunately not. 😞 I have originals but not in English. All the Best
  4. Stable image definition may be notional. To what extend? If you need rock steady images to be screened on a big screen (assuming the print and projection quality within the given standards) or conventional SFX work, then it really matters. That's why you gonna see image steadiness data is given generally, and engineers were designed complex and quite expensive mechanisms, as well as near impeccable machining and workmanship were required, to achieve that. Otherwise, I am free to say: I had a Nikon R10 camera with an excellent lens mounted and the resulting images were stable.
  5. Guys, I had a Beaulieu R16 (later donated to a museum here), which I did a steadiness (registration) test on it in the 90s with fine results as far as I remember. It may be unfair to compare the semi-pro cameras with the pro ones mentioned above I think. Doiflex 16 made by DOI Seisakusho was aimed at a reasonable-priced camera, there was no need to put a complex intermittent mechanism like in the Arriflex 16S/St , M and BL. It was well enough to utilize a simplified mechanism having two cams opposite each other and inside of frames as the followers. The one gives a sinusoidal pull-down movement while the other lateral for the registration pin. But the rest is similarly designed as 16S/St. At first, it was accepting 100ft da-lite spools and a 400ft. magazine provision was planned by modifying the camera top at the factory. However never became a reality. Also, it has a guillotine reflex mirror not a shutter, its shutter is focal. Very helpful for quick pans handheld to eliminate the stroboscopic effect.
  6. I am looking for the Yashica 8P3-RS manual. I'd be glad, if someone would share the scans.
  7. Dear Members, I am looking for the ELMO CINEMATIC SOUND DR-1 and SYNCHRO SOUND SA-1 manual scans. SR-1 and A-1 will be also helpful, I think. Any help is highly appreciated! Erkan
  8. Does anybody have this brochure? Thank you so much!
  9. Dear Members, I am looking for an English-language manual for Beaulieu 2016 Quartz. Scans will be highly appreciated. Sincere thanks!
  10. Dear Members, I am looking for the scans of the Canon Canosound PS-1000 instruction manual. Could be in any language. Thanks a lot for your attention!
  11. That sounds amazing! Glad to hear. I had the opportunity to work with OPTARs in the past, they had very good contrast. Optar Illuminas are made by JSC "OPTIKA" in St. Petersburg (in the USSR: NPO "EKRAN", Leningrad) exclusively for the U.S. You are close, did you visit the factory?
  12. Dom, thank you very much for your good words!
  13. An engineer's approach of course. :D
  14. Dear Heikki, Sincere thanks for your continuing interest!
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