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  1. If you can't find a chart, the bellows extension formula will work. BL squared / FL squared x Time = adjusted Time or Bellows Length squared divided by Focal Length squared = Exposure Factor. Bellows Length in this case is the focal length of the lens PLUS the length of the ext tube(s). For instance, using a 25mm lens with a 10mm tube --> 35 squared (1225) divided by 25 squared (625) = an exposure factor of 1.96 or basically 2. In which case you need to double your exposure (half your frame rate or open 1 stop). Using a 25mm lens with a 25mm tube (2500/625=4) requires 4 times the exposure, or 2 stops. Rather than doing the math, an easy rule of thumb is for every 50% extension over the actual focal length you need to double your exposure (twice as long a shutter speed or open 1 stop).
  2. You adjust the diopter without a lens on the camera. Take the lens off, point the camera at a light source, and adjust the diopter until the grain of the ground glass looks sharp through the viewfinder. Lock the diopter with the outer ring, put the lens back on and see if it's any better.
  3. I think this is the post you're looking for: http://www.cinematography.com/forum2004/in...showtopic=23663 It's a 4-pin female Tuchel. Bolex MM magazine motor uses the same plug, but wired differently.
  4. You need to pry the four little hexagonal covers out to get to the screws.
  5. Paul, That appears to be the same as an Eyemo plate, except for the two extra holes in the relieved area. If the sources mentioned earlier don't have any, let me know. I think I still have an extra one -- finding it might be the hard part. Todd
  6. You could also try here: www.cinevision-ny.com Last spring I bought a few NOS Eyemo Academy plates from them on eBay. If they're all out, I might have an extra one.
  7. You probably mean Steve's Cine Service in Vancouver. No website or email last I checked, but his number is 604-876-9113.
  8. A number of labs run E6 lines for 7280/7285/5285. Here in Canada there are Northwest in Vancouver (www.nwfx.com) for Super 8, 16mm and 35mm and Exclusive in Toronto (www.exclusivefilm.net) for Super 8 and 16mm. Exclusive also does VNF in a tweaked E6 process. I just got 400' of 7240 and 7250 back from them and it looks great, much better than what I've hand-processed in E6. Forde in Seattle does 7280/7285 too.
  9. Thanks Clive. The ACL manual says it's a 983.04 kHz crystal for 24fps (1024 for 25fps). I think the 1000/960 are pilotone freqs. It is indeed a big HC-6, encased in rock-hard glue or epoxy. I guess this is going to be more difficult than I thought. MH Electronics say they cut crystals down to 800 kHz, so if I can find the circuit specs I'll try them. Would a custom manufacturer like that be able to test an existing crystal (e.g the 1024 kHz ones I have) to determine the parameters to make another one? Oh, and thanks for the Maurer motor. It works great!
  10. Thanks to one of Clive Tobin's magic boxes (speed checker) I've discovered that the crystal module on my ACL motor (single speed model), while labelled 24fps, is actually 25fps. Anyone have an extra 24fps module sitting around? Or has anyone found a way to dig the epoxied crystal out of the cover to replace it? Also, this ACL motor has an external brass flywheel -- something I've only seen a couple of times. I'm guessing this was an attempt to increase inertia to pull 400' mags. Would this have been a factory mod or something added later? Thanks, Todd Eacrett
  11. And some suggest the barney is so named for Barney Google -- or more specifically the oversized horse-blanket worn by his nag Spark Plug.
  12. Never dealt with the company, but the Jobo 1500 system is just for regular lengths of still film. The long roll systems were the 5000 series. I checked the reels I have and they're actually 10M. I was wrong again -- they were made in 10M, 20M and 30M sizes. No listings of any reels on the Jobo US site, and only small reels on the German site, but I did find this: http://www.jobo.com/jobo_service/analog_fr...its_10Meter.pdf Wish I had one of the loaders, even 30 feet is a trial to load by hand.
  13. Oops. Speaking of confusing, that should be 15M (50') and 30M (100'). Also, Jobo long-roll 35mm reels are the same design except for the deeper centre hub, so they could probably be adapted for 16mm.
  14. Jobo made 16mm developing reels in both 15M (33') and 30M (66'). There's also the old Stineman System -- a metal, 100' one-sided spiral tray (made for 35mm but will work with 16mm).
  15. The POE and PTL are designed to use Series 9 drop-in (unthreaded) filters. Unfortunately the POE/PTL threads and retaining ring are nonstandard (85mm) so they won't take Series 9 threaded filters (86.5mm?) like polarizers and grads. Chambless sells a custom 85mm to Series 9 adaptor but it's kind of pricey. I managed to find a couple of Tiffen 84.5mm to Series 9 step-rings which work fine (a little teflon plumber's tape helps).
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