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  1. That’s for sure a considering factor no doubt, actually tomorrow ill be testing out the LF , Red Ranger, Mini and maybe Sony Venice to see which one will suit best for my current project. Have you had experience with the Ranger ?
  2. Thanks a lot David, to me it was more about knowing I’d have higher in resolution of a image, and knowing that it would be a bit less noisy and better dynamic range is great too!
  3. Hey David, What about resolution wise? Clarity etc? I mean i have these as choices i can use without issues with budget.
  4. Hey friends, Wanted to know if anyone tested out shooting 4:3 ratio on the Alexa LF? I'm guessing id need to use frame lines then crop in post yah? I would get shallower depth lets say using i7COOKE lens than using the Alexa mini 4:3 mode using lets say S4 lens right? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey guys, So i have a project coming up, doc shoot for few months around the world. Iv been trying to assemble a equipment package as cinematic as possible. Director is super keen to shoot anamorphic, so what I’m trying to figure out is what’s the lightest stabilized rig that can take my Sony A7S2 with the Atlas Co. Orion set anamorphics, specifically 40mm on a stabilized rig, 65 and 100 i can use it on a slider etc. Has anyone manage to use the 40mm Orion with the sony on the Ronin s rig? If not possible what other options y’all recon. Ill also have my iscorama 36 standby if needed to use it on Ronin s for follow shots, issue with that is it’ll be quite hard to follow focus and close focus is 6ft... ANywho if anyone has some advice it’ll be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys , Ill be shooting a film in mexico soon, the film is a bit like a combination of The Hangover or Due date. Im in the process of finding the right style for the film, going through different films shot in mexico. Just wanted to know if y'all had any suggestions for any films in the past 5 years or so shot in mexico that has a good style that left you an impression, and it'll be better if it was shot on anamorphic too. Thanks!
  7. Hey, Can anyone give me some good reference films with raining interior scenes ? Ones with good lighting of rain shadows coming into interior scene ? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, was wondering where i could rent the new Cooke anamorphics?
  9. Sorry If Iv been confusing , I'm using Alexa xt 4:3 shooting on anamorphic , so yes it would be codex if I went the raw way.
  10. Its a feature film, mid~big budget. But i would be screwing it up by shooting 709 the first place...
  11. Saba Mazloum

    ArriRaw vs 709

    Hey, Sorry for asking this question, I'm having a hard time trying to convince our director how its a no brainer to shoot raw vs 709. He claims it'll be a headache later in post because the colour timers in Asia aren't as good and never manage to get the same look on the set. I know i can set a LUT on set and confirm with him what he likes and later use that LUT in post. Still I'm having trouble convincing him, its not even a budget issue. was wondering if anyone had some good comparison footage of Raw vs 709 with before and after the colour timing. thanks!
  12. Hey, have you guys seen this latest ad by Toyota with beyonce in it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toVZMzu-IFk Wondering what anamorphic they shot on, at 0;05 the windows bloom which might be indicative of vintage glass, C series maybe? at times i think its Kowa, but at 0:22 the bokeh seems to be saying it might be panavision E series maybe? or maybe I'm totally wrong.. At 0:07 it seems like its slanted, the anamorphic element is out of alignment. What are your thoughts?
  13. Hey guys, Im about to shoot a feature film using anamorphic lens on the alexa XT 4:3, my director is asking me what are our options for IMAX release, and what would happen to our frame size etc? Anyone have experience with this? thanks!
  14. Really liked the Japanese film footage, id personally take out the shot of the kid walking down the stairs at 0:28, also the music got a bit repetitive, maybe try something else? Besides that it looks great!
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