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  1. Kino Flo Celeb: Augmenting Natural Daylight http://www.cinematographydb.com/2015/11/kino-flo-celeb-augmenting-natural-daylight/ I posted on this forum years ago when I was struggling with lighting a daylight loft music video. I didn't understand how to use large light sources and I didn't know what size HMI's I needed to balance the existing daylight. I wanted to share something that covered the concept of base exposure. I'd love to hear your feedback. Cheers, Matt
  2. How to Control a Large Light Source http://www.cinematographydb.com/2015/11/how-to-control-a-large-light-source/ In this tutorial I share my process for lighting a scene with a large light source and then controlling the unwanted spill. I'd love your feedback on the tutorial and the illustrations. There has been some really great discussions on Reddit and directly on the post. Cheers, Matt
  3. Hey, I wanted to share a new intro level cinematography course that I produced with Digital Tutors / Pluralsight. I use my Cinematography Design to illustrate and some important fundamentals of composition and camera movement. Cinematography: Intro to Composition and Camera Movement http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/2335-Cinematography-Introduction-to-Composition-and-Camera-Movement Cheers, Matt
  4. How slow are you interested in? I've been shooting more and more high speed for commercials. But that tops out around 2000 fps. Here is an interview I did with DP Sean Conaty and how he accomplished a 2000fps spot. http://www.cinematographydb.com/2015/11/smashing-phablets-at-2000fps-with-dp-sean-conaty/ Cheers, Matt
  5. Hey, I'm using Maya+Arnold. That is the same combo that The Mill, MPC, and several other big shops use for their renders. My lighting sims are getting more accurate as I develop the plug-in. I only recently figured out how to simulate real world diffusion. Gravity, Antman, Gaurdians of the Galaxy etc. https://www.solidangle.com/gallery/
  6. Creating Magic Hour on a Stage http://www.cinematographydb.com/2015/10/lighting-techniques-creating-magic-hour-on-a-stage/ Check out my latest tutorial on creating magic hour lighting from scratch on a sound stage. I learned all of these combine techniques from multiple DPs, gaffers, and key grips. I hope you find it helpful. The illustrations were created in Maya with a Plug-In that I'm developing for cinematographers to be able to shoot and light in 3D for preproduction. I'd love any feedback you have or suggestions for future topics. Cheers, Matt
  7. Very cool, I've seen your stuff online before. That is a great demo, nothing beat seeing it in real life! Do you follow Shane Hurlbut and Shane's Inner Circle? He has some great IRL demo tutorials. The setups we'll be doing later on virtually would be very expensive to produce in real life. Are you going to be producing more in this series?
  8. Thanks, appreciate that. I heard from a member of Shane's Inner Circle that Mr. Dave Mullen used this same technique at the ASC Master Class recently.
  9. Yeah, that was an earlier tutorial. Even since this one was produced, I've made my diffusion simulation more realistic. I can pretty faithfully mimic what the different flavors of diffusion do.
  10. I agree, for the sake of being specific I chose a modern unit though. I'm not currently planning on modeling any of the old Ianiro lamp heads.
  11. Lighting Techniques: Chimera and 12×12 Diffusionhttp://www.cinematographydb.com/2015/10/lighting-techniques-chimera-and-12x12-diffusion/ I'm posting a new Cinematography Design Tutorial every Friday. This week I show a technique for creating a large light source. I'm starting with really basic/fundamental techniques and the moving into full on lighting setups. I'd love to get the feedback from the members of this forum. I've learned so much of what I know right here. Cheers, Matt
  12. Check out our interview/article with cinematographer Rachel Morrison and her experience shooting Jennifer Aniston for the film "Cake"! http://www.cinematographydb.com/2015/01/the-cinematography-of-cake-dp-rachel-morrison/ We'd love to hear your feedback and please go see the film in theaters. Cheers! Matt
  13. In this article I interview DP Ketil Dietrichson on his use of LOMO anamorphic lenses and beauty lighting to shoot Ariana Grande. http://www.cinematographydb.com/2014/12/cinematography-ariana-grande-love-harder-dp-ketil-dietrichson/ Check out our 3D interactive lighting diagram and let me know what you think! Cheers, Matt
  14. @David Mullen: Those are some really awesome practical tips about shooting near mirrors, or in any "backstage" environment. I did a commercial where we were craned down with a Hollywood make-up mirror in the background and you saw the camera, the crane, and all of the bright lights. They painted it out of course, but I heard that it was pretty expensive.
  15. Check out my latest breakdown of the film Birdman, shot by Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki, ASC, AMC. I'd love to hear you feedback! http://www.cinematographydb.com/2014/11/cinematography-birdman-emmanuel-lubezki-asc/ Cheers, Matt
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