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  1. Brilliant, thank you! Enjoyed your ep on the team deakins podcast by the way!
  2. Thanks a lot! I shall be shooting on the alexa mini in prores. Looking at the still from ‘Burning’, would you recommend solely shooting actual blue hour to get this look and use the wb to reinforce the blue tint to taste? or would you say that the look is quite easy to fake with white balance and underexposure at any time of day? As long as diffusion is used to soften hard sunlight? (8x8 or 12x12 frames) thanks!
  3. Shooting a blue hour scene without a calibrated monitor only using a light meter. The scene is not in a full silhouette so will need to see the subjects faces. For a shot similar to the one below (Burning), If I am taking my light readings by taking an incident reading on the key side of my subjects face, how underexposed I should go in camera? or would it be better technique to expose the skin tones properly and bring everything down in post? ("Burning" - Directed by Lee Chang-dong - DoP - Hong Kyung-pyo) Secondly for a shot like the one below (Army Of Sha
  4. Thanks! is there a specific technique/procedure for this or is it just as simple as buying a tent/canopy that fits the dimensions of the window?
  5. For an interior scene with windows in shot, I am wanting to black out the daylight coming through the window and then light from outside through diffusion so that the lighting from the window is consistent and controlled throughout the whole shooting day. Is there a common method of doing this? perhaps using a black tent/gazebo outside the window and then placing lights inside the gazebo or blocking out daylight with 12x12 black solids? Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much for your detailed explanation! very useful!
  7. Looking at that website, it seems to be all elbows and different mounting options and not the rail itself. I'm trying to find 6061 schedule 40 pipe as this seems like the standard for building rigs for grips but finding it hard to find those specs for pipe in the UK. Not sure whether I am looking at USA stuff and there is a different name over here. I should have posted this in the Grip section, however I am not sure how to delete this post so I can post there instead as I dont want to spam the forum. Cheers
  8. Been trying to search this for a long while, perhaps its called something different in the UK? I am trying to buy speed rail for a goal post rig in which I will hang a kino flo 4 bank. Preferably I am looking for a 10 foot long speed rail, however for transport I may have to connect two 5 foot ones, however not sure how to check how safe this would be and the max load it would be capable of. I also cannot find a place to order them in the UK. Any advise? Thanks!
  9. Ah brilliant, thanks! The portraits look great. How soft of a fill light did you use on the key side? Or if you used a frontal eye light, what kind of source was used for the portraits? Cheers
  10. If my intention is to have a soft but contrasty image and I am lighting a subjects face with a 8x8 diffusion frame and find that it is wrapping too much light into the fill side of the face (even with a negative fill lets say), is it considered good technique to then switch to a harder (but still soft) light such as a 4x4 diffusion frame? and if the problem persists, keep going smaller or increasing the distance of the light (harder) until I get the right compromise? Or would it be better technique to use more flags or change position of the light to be more a more 180 degrees from the subject
  11. I'm interested in some effects gels such as 183 Moonlight blue, twilight blue and a few others, the light that I want to use it with (aputure 300d mk2) is daylight only, not sure what source you meant to use it with to get the desired 'moonlight blue' effect. Trying to find the answer to this everywhere but no luck. Wondering if anyone could help, thanks!
  12. Cheers! Do you happen to have an example of a moonlight scene that you think is more realistic with a harder source? every-time I look at moonlight in real life, it is definitely hard but every time I see it being a hard source in films, Im not sure, it seems a bit weird looking to me but maybe we aren't thinking of the same thing.
  13. In the above tutorial, at 2:00 the DoP connects four 4x4 diffusion frames together to create a cube, then uses a 4x4 reflector as the top layer of the cube. The cube is then placed 20ft in the air using stands, and then he blasts a light up into the cube to create his moonlight. Wondering what people’s thoughts on this are for getting a base exposure of moonlight at night, what are the pros and cons? Seems like a good idea especially on a tight budget but would be good to get a second opinion before I invest.
  14. Understood, so do you think i'm better off scraping the location and try to scout a location with white LEDS? thanks!
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