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  1. I wonder if some of you would comment on whether you think the Varicam would or would not be a good choice, and why, for shooting a feature to eventually be transferred to a 35 film print. Thanks.
  2. Taking in all the issues discussed in this thread, I had a question. If someone was producing a low-budget, independent narrative feature with an eye towards a (hopeful) theatrical distribution, and originating on 35mm would just be too expensive, would your recommend a) originate on Super 16, D.I. in HD and print to 35mm or B) simply originate on HD, keeping everything digital until your final out to 35? I realize there are numerous variables that would come into the question, but just generally speaking and assuming the cost would be about the same to go either way, is one way likely to give you a better overall look and feel than the other.
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