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  1. Ofer Dori

    chocolate gel

    hi to you all . can anyone tell me the nomber of chocolate gel effect ?
  2. hi , you can also pan the 1k to a miror reflector . it's give you two directions from one source.
  3. hi roy . first you didnt wrote about the format you going to work with . the direction of the window (n,e,s,w) is very important too, is your camera is much sensitiv to hald with strong outdoor bounce light and a small hase machine ? could work nice , the price is over exp in the window when you soot it directly.. good luck.
  4. hi . another way of lighting is to block some of your sources. what about using your 12*12 frame - black, from one of the actor side . that will biger size the contrast and bring a direction to your light . sorry about my poor english . good luck...
  5. hi . using a frontal small eye lance lamp will do it . glow efect dosnt working from medium. s and longer because of the small eye surface in the fram.
  6. hello , my first time in the forum . i'm going to shoot a small budgett project . and i'm looking for a way to shoot with the Dvx 100b and 35 mm prime lences . ( as the sony Hdv can..) is there any way to do so ? ( sorry about my English ..)
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