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  1. good film .. i saw this few days back here in our HYDERABAD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.. thought it was b&w movie... i learned lot of things.. the style was purly documentry...some of the shots ... still mind blowing for me...
  2. the :rolleyes: test was quite intresting ... thanks dude..!!
  3. hello all .. glad to see u all after a long time.. Actually the scene is .. am intrested in buying a new DIRECTOR'S VIEW FINDER.. so with all ur kind experience can any one .. suggest me... to buy a relaiable product.... where can i find ... regards.
  4. dear member i can suggest u one film ....THE FAST AND TEH FURIOUS.....(vindisel) in this DVD the making of the film is given very clearly with practical experienceing images (story board) u can go through there , i have seen a bit where the car driving by vindisel is shot beside green screen... it was amazing ,.. hava look..! guess u knw either ... :D
  5. can any one rember the sc 15 fight of kenu revies with virus...thay are more than 100 guys of same face cut fight with kenu revies i request u can anybody ...explain the shot interprtation for that fight scene...?
  6. dremz


    it was nite shot absolutly....! i rem that as i was watching relayy through window...!
  7. dremz


    hello all.... can any one plz explain me ..the method of shot shooted .....from the window of ....train where hero sits beside the window and watches moon ......(shot through window) with this the passing of tarin and ...moon...and landscapes seems very very original as if we viewing with our own eyes through window....!! what could be the focal length and cameras we should use ....for real appereance of any images...? (motion pics..)
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