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  1. Hello guys, I've been informed that the links I gave above seem to be dead. It's not really the case, the files are still there. The only point is that the tiff files now require .tiff as an extension, not .tif anymore. Therefore please find the proper links : http://l.andrieux.free.fr/mire_scope_2.tiff and http://l.andrieux.free.fr/mire_scope_3.tiff You also can find the files here : http://cinematographie.info/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=22 Thanks Neil for advising me. Best to all of you.
  2. Thanks Brian, I'll let you know after we have contacted them.
  3. Thanks Richard ! Yes you're right. I edited my post, but though it certainly has no sense looking for a C41 process for film actually I wound't mind a C41 process either actually, it's a special look we're looking for. So let's say I'm looking for a ECN2 process for E6 reversal S8 or 16/S16, basically. I'll ask Deluxe on Wednesday, thanks for the info.. Does any body know if either Technicolor or Stanley in Soho may do that ?
  4. Hi all, For an indie project I'm going to shoot here I'm looking for a lab - preferentially in London for different reasons - that would be able to cross process some Super 8 or 16/S16 reversal stock. It's not decided yet either we will shoot S8 or 16/S16 (issues in finding a lab may actually take part in the decision) and we want to shoot Ektachrome D100 (E6) and process it ECN2 or even C41. Ideas in other countries from Western Europe are welcome too. Thanks in advance !
  5. Right, Georg. Jon Fauer, ASC has released a special edition of his excellent "Film and Digital Times" devoted entirely to Alexa from ARRI. In addition to tracing the history of the creation of this camera, there is a complete and very well illustrated story about its production studios in the heart of ARRI Munich. You can download the PDF in high resolution here. Enjoy !
  6. Very interesting, thanks a lot ! Do you have a link to this interview ? To pictures of your DP working or testing the Alexa ? Thanks again !
  7. Hello, Adam, thanks for the info. What is your source ? Do you have a link ?
  8. Hi all, We have original pictures and videos on cinematographie.info. Be welcome !
  9. Yes David, you're right. The sensor has had some improvements but it's built on the basis of the Origin's, if I understood well what Jean-Pierre said. He enlighted the low smear ability of the sensor for instance, and put forth the fact that the high sensitivity is due to the low amount of lost space between pixels. It's like the Alexa's sensor took benefit of the ARRI D-21's R&D, making the Alexa much cheaper than the D-21. They improve their sensors, but the basis is the same, making the new ones cheaper, therefore.
  10. I was talking with Jean-Pierre during the Cannes film festival and he confirmed the sensor is made by Dalsa. It basically is the Origin sensor, but there is a special system that allows the dual sensitivity. And yes, it is 4K RAW You can read more informations here. It's a French forum, but you can find in the topic some informations in English as well.
  11. Yes Tim, I actually got involved a lot in our french site and different things that I can't mention here...
  12. Hello, Stephen Tim and everybody. I think he said something about it but I'm not sure. I'll ask Thomas to check that up. You can see the itw on our site.
  13. Good idea. As Jean-Marie Delorme said, we'll provide a list with serial numbers ASAP.
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