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  1. Hi I am looking for filters for my redrock matebox which fits 4x5.65" or even 4x4". As such filters are very expensive I would like to know if better go with 4x4 be able to use it with smaller mateboxes. Also I have found expensive ones from Schneider or Tiffen. Is there any brand which offers a set of filters bit less expensive but good quality? Many thanks.
  2. Wow that's nice my canon 5d has even a larger sensor then a super 35 cine cam ? mmwahhhh :blink: BTW I am a big fan of jennifers body. May I kindly ask you what camera set up did you use for the two girls bedroom kissing scene ? I think this was just an amazing lowlight shot.
  3. Hi David, thanks for your reply. I shoot my movie on a canon 5d and it's fullframe sensor. So people told me if I will go wider then 35mm and will pan and tilt indoor then the image will not look natural, it will look more like in a 3D videogame. Is that correct ? Can I ask you what kinda lens do you use on the very big cameras when it concerns indoor shootings and what is the standard widerange for outdoor shootings ?
  4. I just saw the movie "runaway bride" with julia roberts and richard gere in television playing and I recognised that there weren't any wide lens shots in it. It looks like the whole movie was shot on 50mm or 35mm lenses. Is that the standard range for movies ? I have a zeiss 85mm 1.4 and looking now to buy an additional lens but I can't decide wheter go for the 35mm 2.0 or the 50mm 1.4 for having a standard movie lens. thanks for your help.
  5. thanks a lot to all for the infos!! B) Danielito
  6. Hi all For my filmproject I have fullfilled already many pages. Now I would like to do a script withit. Could anyone tell me where I can download a script - program for my mac or give some link to an internet store where I could buy any program ? Many thanks Danielito
  7. Hi Grahamstanely thanks for your reply. Yeah after I did some research I think the a1 is good enough for doing filmouts. check this link, it's not too bad and it's done with an xh-a1 with an M2 ... http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?t=96955
  8. Hi Tim I don't understand your comment so well, you are saying you prefer the quality of the canon lens but when I click to your link I see only a quite flat image of the xh-a1 compare to the hvx200. On this comparisation the hvx200 has much clearer image quality..
  9. Hi all I was just reading all the different prospects and I got no clue which camera would be the best for :blink: shooting a movie in cinematic look, as they run all 24p. Which one would be the best choice from all the 3 mentionned ? Thanks for your help
  10. Hey hi yo! I am looking to shoot a sequence in a darker room with two actors conversation. to make the picture look good I need some light.. what kind of lighting do I need to buy? Is this any light people also use for still picture photography or do I need to go for something special ? Could you guys provide a homepage for buying filmset lights? Many thanks, Danielito
  11. thanks to all for the good advices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danielito
  12. Yo! You remember when seeing a movie and two people are arguing about something then the camera switches all the time from the back of the one to the other.. in my film we need to shoot a conversation with two people. so normaly as I have seen they put a camera behind each person and then they switch the camera from one to the other who is talking in post. now we have only one camera so it looks not that professional to put one camera only in front of the two actors and film the conversation instead of showing the scene from one perspective to the other... how can I trick that out with only one camera ? Many thanks!
  13. Hi all I am going to prepare post production system for the new camera of Canon XH A1 which comes out in November. Could anybody tell me how powerfull the computer needs to be for handling HDV in post. What is better Windows or Mac systems? And which programs do you recommend to realize the "cine style look" in post ? Thanks for the help! Danielito
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