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  1. Good condition , will ship to mainland N America only for $35 tracked. Prices in USD , photos on request. international folks pls contact me first. HEMSHAW at GMAIL dot com Tnx
  2. ARRI Arriflex FF-3 follow focus complete. Includes two 8 inch x 15mm rods , BP-7 baseplate, sliding dovetail. 2 whips - 13 inch and 33 inch with 2 handles , 90 deg quick handle. Matte box extender , prime gear and 2 white marking discs. ( this unit does not have 2 speed buttons ) Works smoothly and is in excellent condition. $1700 USD , plus shipping. Shipping to mainland N America preferred. All photos can be seen here : https://tree.smugmug.com/FF3 Please contact me here . . . . HEMSHAW at GMAIL dot com
  3. Looking for a used or new handle , for 16mm M2 Catozzo splicer , any condition. Tnx get me faster here . . . HEMSHAW at GMAIL dot com
  4. I use a line grid chart with a Siemens star occupying one corner , about 3 inch diam or more. When you offset the second pass by shifting frame diagonally a touch the star creates a nice figure 8 diffraction ( moire ?) pattern. As soon as you project this you will see the pattern rock solid , or pulsating in and out. Tested 8 mags once and took us only a few minutes viewing rushes to pass 7 and reject one. Very efficient method (IMO) , YMMV
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/292279354628 New link for photos. Prefer to sell privately , price $1000 USD. Shipping extra.
  6. Comes with Pelican 1200 case and both caps. Good condition , no glass defects. Listed on eBay here : http://www.tinyurl.com/ya7js4oj Reason for selling , I have two now and this one is surplus to my needs. Asking $1000 usd firm plus $70 shipping. . Contact is hemshaw@gmail.com
  7. I have a pdf copy of the factory repair manual but quality is poor on some photos. If anyone has a hardcopy they could scan two pages for me in better detail I would be much obliged. ( need page 26 section 3.3.1 ) Pls contact me here : hemshaw at gmail TIA
  8. RCU is sold. Two mags x 400 ft still available, very good condition. $300 US each obo.
  9. 400ft mags (two) are available now. Pristine condition. $300 each obo. For Arri 435 Pics available contact is HEMSHAW AT GMAIL DOT COM
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