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  1. Hi Sam, The Cooke 20-100 was introduced in 1971 and does not fully cover Super-35 (roughly the size of the Red's sensor). - Sherman
  2. Hi Alex, the camera's Sharpness setting would be the first thing I would check. I've been fortunate to rarely have to deal with moire and aliasing issues on the 5D/7Ds, but I tend to keep the camera's sharpness pretty low. And in the times I have had an issue, usually reducing the sharpening by a level or two has made a difference. Another idea might be to try some light diffusion filters - SoftFX, Classic Softs, GlimmerGlass. I've personally never tried diffusion for this, but in a pinch, it'd be worth a shot. And then lastly, I might suggest taking advantage of the 5D's larger sensor and try to limit the focus as much as possible to your subject's face and thus avoid the problem jacket - obviously this is easier done in certain shot sizes and is also an aesthetic choice.
  3. An old trick that I use pretty regularly on bright exteriors is to have the talent close their eyes and look towards the sun for a minute or so... The pupils iris down and I can usually get a couple of good takes without any squinting. And of course, the sun isn't necessary as this trick will work with any bright source.
  4. From the looks of it, I would suspect the camera's Optical Image Stabilizer is overcompensating. Next time you notice the issue in-camera, I would suggest turning off the OIS and seeing if it makes a difference.
  5. Picture Profile >>> Matrix (ON) >>> Level (-99)... Will completely desat the image being recorded.
  6. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but in the past, I have seen a three hole offset used to mount two cameras to a single dolly. The offset was attached to the dolly (a Fisher 10) using the center hole and the camera heads were then mounted opposite each other on the ends.
  7. What you've heard is true. The image from the HDMI output is of a lesser resolution than that recorded to CF card internally.
  8. Hi Aaron, I don't have any info on punch or actual light output for hi-speed work, but I might suggest contacting either Wildfire (http://www.wildfirefx.com) or Altman (http://www.altmanltg.com). Both have blacklights with some throw and I know that at least Wildfire is supposed to have some that are flicker-free. - Sherman
  9. Looks like it's perhaps a hard matte in the matte box... Probably a matte size that's smaller than the diameter of the front element...
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