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  1. I have never done Blue or Green matte first time i'll test this type of matte shots. http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=PN_zs9HbIYc I want to Know : What type of material(like board or screen) used for a Green matte to make a green matte floor ? What is Exposure Ration between subject and Green BG ?
  2. You can adjust the preset white balance, it's in the OPERATION menu, in 100K steps from 3200 to 5600 or so...
  3. i using Polarizing filters in full telerange(172mm) of Fuji A22x8.6 lens,It never focused in any point and shows dual blured image. i can't understand this problem..
  4. In SDX900 how to change the Color Teperature in Preset mode. Ex:- In Magic hours sun lights fall in sculpture, 1/3 portion sun lights ,the shadows fill with the sky lights If shoot this in filter D(6300K),Sun light was warm,but sky light are balanced,or Using Filter C(4500K)sun lights are balanced,and sky lights are cool blue.Is it possible to Color temperature between this C & D,like 5500K change the preset in Filter D,resulting image was warm and blue. But,I have no solution changing the preset CT in SDX900. If Iam Going to White balance menu through the System Mode. The Every memory shows 3200K like Mem A,Mem B and Preset.
  5. I have a shoot of Commando training, The Training supposed to shoot at night. I suggest some shots in during discuision, Shooting in the Day for night effect. Suggest me,to make perfect night effect in the daylight. In the point using the filter and Time of sunlight.(location is in the snow field,Diffused Lighting condition)
  6. Sir,We have SDX900,it have only record 25p or 50i,so we can't able to shoot, even 1 lux illumination. Finally,I got image intensifier which will able to shoot 0 lux.but,a caution,when the image intensifier attached with camera,not allowed the light to enter the camera.It will spoil the Image sensor,So,the intensifier only expose in the pure dark or 0 lux.
  7. Thank you for your reply,Sir.
  8. Sir,we have in our channel SDX900 with Fuji20x8.6 lens,We plan some events in 0 percent visibility which can able to shoot in night vision camera(using IR units). It is possible to shoot only adding IR unit with SDX900 or adding some filters or lenses are neccesary to used.
  9. Sir, Iam planning to shoot a interview A Young Lady,who win all challenge in life, and She make Morning breakfast, ironing the Clothes, ready the children and continue the work in front of the computer. I planned to show this all in a Single Shot. I start panning from right to left. while panning I want to show the each evet happen with same girl, Like she cooking in the kitchen,I pan to Leftsame girl ironing the clothes and panning She ready the chidren and panning She working in front of the computer and panning she is in front camera continue the interview(From the Beginning of the Shot voice will (overlap)start). I take a Test shots two action match little bit and further actions not matched. Please help me.
  10. What is the relation between Back Focus and Flange Focus and Focul Length and Focul Plane ?
  11. What is the Difference between the Russian Angle and Dutch Angle.
  12. I have using panasonic sdx900 dvcpro 50 camcorder,In Average daylight i do white balance,it shows 6.3k,Same lighting condition i using also panasonic 610 dvcpro camcorder and i do W.B,but it shows 5.0k. And Overcast sky have 9.9k color temperature ,in panasonic 610 dvcpro camcorder show 5.6k,So, i confused how the color temperature define.
  13. B. Sakthidoss


    What is Jump Cut and Jerky cut?Is there any relation to jump cut and jerky cut? What the purpose of use this cut?
  14. Sir,Iam using DVCPRO50- SDX900 Camcorder.
  15. Iam about to shoot,a docuementry its all about child labour in rural village. In that village,There is no power supply.My plan is to some nightshots,Obviosly some lights to be use in that night sequence,so we need a battery powered light. I have no knowledge about battery lights. We have an low budget production.So,using only 2 lights. Please suggest me lights and there brand name.
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