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  1. I recently used Radiant Softs on a feature with the two main characters being a little older. The actors loved how they looked on camera and I would love to purchase a set in the near future. I had used strengths 1-3 but in retrospect feel like I could of pushed it a bit more to a 4 in a few scenes.
  2. Working with him must of been pretty awesome.
  3. There is a really cool chapter from the book "Reflections: 21 Cinematographers at work." Mr. Daviau describes how he lit a scene from the movie "Fearless." If I remember correctly the scene was in a really small bedroom, there was not really any room to hang lights and there was one small window that only had direct sunlight for may be an hour. One of my favorite chapters, an awesome book, a must have.
  4. Owen Roizman, he's pretty awesome. I've got to hear him speak a couple of times at Cinegear.
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