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  1. You and Max have both been paid now via Paypal, though no evidence of any kind has been shown here to indicate I even lost. I just don't want my reputation trashed online over some stupid nonsense. This was just supposed to be something fun, not mean spirited. I've had some good times here, and met some good people, but I am going bid you all a fond farewell. It's been fun. No hard feelings. Best of luck to all. You can find me at Reduser and Timescapes any time. :)
  2. Lol WTF. I give up. :rolleyes: Okay Max and Stephen and whomever, PM me your paypal address and the money is on the way. Maybe then the peanut galley will quiet down and we can investigate who actually won the bet. ;)
  3. Max, you missed the whole point. The funny part was not how Jim's offer to up the bet would matter to Jim's wallet, but rather, how it caused Stephen to stop taunting me at Reduser about upping the wager. In Vegas terms, I guess you could say Jim called his bluff. :lol: So Max, let me ask you: Do you believe that the majority of +$35 mil films in production as of Dec 31 will be shooting digital or film? Like I've said, I will probably lose this due to the delay in Epic's release, but it might be close.
  4. Thanks, Justin. Now keep in mind that the bet was: What percentage of major American films will be actually SHOOTING chemical vs digital on Dec 31 of this year (IE, in the middle of being made, not films that are already finished). I think the numbers will shift when you research it that way.
  5. Come shoot with me for a few days, and I'll show you why I love Red. I'm working on a major feature film right now, and my assignment the other day was to film wild horses running through the grass. The temperatures here are below freezing. But I've been getting up before dawn every morning and stalking these wild horses through the frozen blades of grass in the dark, just to get one certain type of shot. The other morning, I rolled my Red MX for about 1.5 hours, trying to nail this certain type of shot. Wild horses don't like to be filmed, so I was waiting for just the right moment I needed. I don't know how much money or manpower it would have taken to roll a 35mm camera for hours at a time, but it's not the kind of money I have access to, nor would I want to drag a chemical film camera up those hills, with all the film magazines. There is no 10-second "pre-roll" on film, either, which is an option on Red. In addition to all of that, I was able to drive back to my hotel room and look at the clips instantly, and show the director instantly. And damn, at 4.5K res, these images are simply stunning. People like me see film as a barrier that is being knocked down. Other, established shooters might like the idea of having access to an "exclusive" format like 35mm cinema film cameras, and being one of a small number of people trained to use them well. But those days are coming to an end very, very quickly now.
  6. :lol: You crack me up, man. BTW, where HAS Stephen been hiding lately? You don't think he might have already researched the numbers and is now hiding up in a tree somewhere, do you? I never forget when Jim stepped in and offered to back my side of the bet for $100,000, Stephen's shoes left smoke and rubber burns on the cement as he ran for the hills. But it was all in good fun and eventually a good bit of money was donated to a worthy charity.
  7. Keith, you are proclaiming that I lost the bet? I'll ask again: do you have any hard numbers or data to back that up? Considering the number of productions starting up in 3D, most of which are digital, I would like to see some numbers. Lol the money is of no concern. It's only a small amount. I'm more than happy to pay it if I lose.
  8. Stuart, I don't hate film. Where have I said that? I just prefer digital.
  9. Well, Keith, if Disney is any indication, then I actually won the bet. If they have 12 films on their slate and only one planned to shoot chemical, then I won by a country mile. I'd like to see some hard numbers. Got any? The bet was, something along the lines of, "In January 2011, will more major feature films currently in production be shooting on digital cinema cameras or chemical film"? Do you have any stats on that?
  10. I said: "At some point, somewhere along the way, chemical film "died" as the format of choice for still photographers." Yes, there are still some hobbyists, diehards and B&W shooters who shoot chemical film, but not many left.
  11. I hate to be blunt, but that does not look like a good deal to me. Most of those lenses are pure junk. What the heck is a "52mm wide lens"?? This company is just trying to sell off some worthless lenses. Why do you think they are throwing in everything but the kitchen sink? I would rather have one good lens than 20 junk lenses. My suggestion is to buy a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens. Or just buy the body and two good L-type lenses if you can afford it. You can pick up very nice used L-series lenses on Fred Miranda's buy & sell forum, as well.
  12. "Tree of Life" will win the Best Picture Oscar. You can take that to the bank.
  13. Hahaha! :lol: You made my night with this post, Richard. ;)
  14. At some point, somewhere along the way, chemical film "died" as the format of choice for still photographers. It happened slowly at first, with the release of some "professional" Canon and Nikon DSLRS. Then the rate at which digital was replacing film increased. And then, at some point, the trendline of film vs digital basically went vertical and chemical film was swept aside very quickly and forever. This is what is happening with cinema, though some people are not able to detect it just yet. Another six months and the trend will be so clear that not even at c.com will anyone legit be able to dispute it. If Disney has 12 films on their slate, and only ONE is scheduled to be shot on chemical film, that tells you something. And this trend will accelerate even faster once Epic drops.
  15. Lol, are people here still debating film vs digital? That debate is over. Actions on the ground have overtaken the talk. It's almost like the Iraqi Info Minister saying "Digital is not overtaking film. Film will stand for ten more years...." Even as the tanks are visible behind him.
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