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  1. The Samsung SCD107 i got a while back, and never fixed, has caught my eye again, and I'd like to get it fixed. The playback and recording is real screwy and from what i read sounds like a drum head problem. How would I go about getting this repaired? I am located in Central Jersey. Thanks in advance, Brendan
  2. You're absolutely right, I'm sorry for saying that. Also, I'm sorry I said America, I did forget this was an international forum, I was just referring to freedom of speech (text). I'm now sorry I said anything, and no, I'm not on acid for being in America. I'd appreciate if you'd just correct me, rather then call me a drug addict, that might help me actually start liking this forum. Once again, I'm sorry I said anything... Brendan
  3. I'm afraid to say anything, because I am fairly new here, and I know I'm going to get harassed for saying ANYthing, but here I go: From what I read, your all complaining about peoples opinions, and last time I checked, this was America where we can have opinions. Also, I dont know too much about the RED camera or what happened at the "break-in", but from what I read, no one really seemed to ask Jim Jannard about the actual break-in before he left. You all just seemed to assume and speak without getting some facts, which is your right, but it caused plenty of bashing and arguing. Why can't we be friends? LOL :D Brendan...
  4. I really enjoyed the Bourne movies' cinematography. I felt the camera movement was great for those movies, but may not have been great in other movies. As far as HD is concerned, I liked Sin City very much with the use of specific colors, and I was glad it was mostly black and white. So heres my Top 10, no order: The Matrix Collateral Minority Report War of the Worlds Heat Se7en Bourne Identity Bourne Supremisy(sp? sorry) Sin City Desperado probably others I can't think of...
  5. thank you very much, i hope to have some film for you to process soon. :D :D :D :D
  6. Thanks to all. Very nice video. thanks for the advice :D
  7. CLERKS! :P I <3 Kevin Smith Also "The Thing", did someone say that already?
  8. Hey there. Wondering how many of you have used the Krasnogorsk K-3 in any filmmaking. It seems like a decent camera and for an extremely low price. I'm thinking of buying one myself, and would like some reviews from those who have used them or possibly own them. Also, anyone with footage from their K-3, I'd love to see it. Thanks, Brendan :D
  9. Hey there, I live in Central Jersey, not the hottest spot for film labs, so I was wondering if anyone would recommend some labs for me. I'm on an extremely low budget, pulling out of my own pocket, and hope to be shooting a couple of shorts soon, but I need to know where I'm going to get my film processed and transfered to tape to edit. Any recommendations around me or a place I can ship to would be fine, hopefully with resonable prices. P.S. I will also probably be shooting on B&W Negative film. Thanks a bunch, Brendan :D
  10. I am new to film and am thinking about buying a Krasnogorsk K-3 for my first film camera. I have a few questions about stock. 1 Can I use Tungsten film stock? 2 For Color Outdoors/Indoors, what is a good choice? 3 For Black and White Outdoors/Indoors, is Kodak 7222 a good choice? Thanks a bunch.
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