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  1. I wanted Deakins to win, but Claudio miranda did outstanding work on life of pi, and is very deserving of the award. shooting bluescreen can be just as complicated as shooting a set or landscape, and life of pi had all 3
  2. Here's my new Cinematography reel for 2012 curious to know what you think? Demo reel
  3. Hey A trailer went up for a short film I was the Cinematographer on on its called Somnious and its a Kung-Fu sci-fi film :D The budget was practically nothing, and we all shot it because it was an awesome script, and had a very talented director on board Please let me know what you think? http://www.indiegogo.com/somnius Dan
  4. Thanks for the replys I was leaning toward super16mm if it wasnt shot on video I wonder what kind of camera rig they would of used to mount the camera on a guys head especially with a heavy s16mm camera?
  5. Hey does any one know what camera was used for this music video from The Prodigy? At first I was thinking minidv but its from the mid 90s I cant remember if mini dv caught on at that point? http://vimeo.com/15301900
  6. Hi I just cut a new demo reel together Feed back is appreciated
  7. Hey a music video I shot for Jets over head just premiered the link just went up on vimeo the other day I shot this on the RED one camera as well as the canon T2i My link
  8. Just wondering if an Orange 85 color correction filter could be used in B&W for a similar effect as a yellow or red B&W filter?
  9. Daniel Carruthers


    I use a Eclair NPR and I can see the whole Ultra16mm frame. Bernie added new marks on the groundglass What camera are you thinking of converting?
  10. Hey I recently shot a short film on the Red one cam The producer now wants to submit the film into some festivals but some of these festivals only take a 35mm print Ive never done a 35mm print before,so Im not sure how to go about getting it done? how much could this cost for a 8 minute film with sound? any help would be appreciated,Im totally new to this,and have no idea where to start? thanks:)
  11. If indeed Avatar proves to be a trendsetter (as opposed to a one off that only spawns a small group of followers, like 3D), why not have separate awards? You could have one for Cinematography in a film comprised of less than XX percent CG, and for films comprising more than XX percent? This would resolve the debate, and open up new films (like some of Pixars recent efforts) that, while largely generated by computer, are still worthy of consideration for their visual choices and style. Thoughts? BR I totally agree with you Brian there should be 2 categories now for cinematgraphy
  12. The Link Doesnt work?
  13. Hey I just finished my new cinematography demo reel I would really like some feedback good or bad? my reel consists of some RED,GH1,16mm, Ultra16mm,stop motion, and other HD cams let me know what you think? http://www.vimeo.com/9313896
  14. I still havnt seen the white ribbon but right now Im really hoping the Hurt locker wins best cinematography I just thought the 16mm photography looked so good. I would think hand held war film would be over done, but it worked very well for that film.
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