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  1. I havent edited from a DVD in YEARS. And I do not remember this problem. After Ive copied the DVD to my hard drive and open the copied DVD folder, it has the VIDEO TS FOLDER and the AUDIO TS FOLDER. But when I open the audio folder, its empty. Why is this? The dvd plays with its audio intact. How am I supposed to edit the audio from the dvd if I cannot access it? Thanks
  2. Does anyone have experience using either Kickstarter or indidGoGo to raise money?
  3. Keneu Luca


    So there are a decent amount of threads here about people who have had an ulra16 conversion done to their cameras, most by Bernie. My question - can you talk about the image you see in your camera's viewfinder - are you exposing parts of the film that are not visible in your viewfinder? I know this may depend on camera type. Thanks
  4. Just ask him. http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Simki...p;id=1473854146
  5. Here is a R16 2x kowa experiment I did a year ago with an ARRI S. For what I was trying to do, the very limited equipment I was able to use, and various other restrictions (and there were many), it is both a success and a failure. Despite the failures and various flaws, I still enjoy watching it every now and then. http://vimeo.com/5213900
  6. I'm not trying to malign new technology. Video is indispensable, especially in, but not limited to, video assist and editing. But I do agree that when color and sound were introduced there were people who protested or complained. I agree. "Hate" and "worship" are strong words. They are not always appropriate when people express their preference for one over the other. Preferences and/or choices are subjective. Just like food, we do not all see things the same way. How we interpret images is sometimes just as subjective as how we taste food. I don't choose which foods I like. I have no control over whether it agrees with my taste buds. And with some people, in my opinion, imagery perception is sometimes the same - not really a "choice." Just as we are all attracted to the opposite, or some case same sex, for different reasons based on uncontrollable factors in our biology, or deeply embedded subconscious. So yeah, DP's have a choice of different lights, acquisition formats, etc. But every DP makes those choices based on their own individual perceptions, tastes, preferences as to what is appropriate for the script. The point is if to see if there are any people who think they would have enjoyed these films more if they were shot on HD. I am often questioned by people as to why I choose to shoot on film. They try to educate me and persuade me to shoot on HD. Their arguments often imply, or sometimes out right declare, that I am making a mistake by shooting on film. So it got me thinking, if they think I am making a mistake, does it mean that they believe other filmmakers in the past have also made that same mistake? Now, if people on this board think it absurd to think that, then that's fine. You can say, "No, Keneu, those films are just fine having been shot on film." Also, I know there are people out there who have questioned Michael Mann's choice to shoot on video in recent projects. And he has the right to do so. It's his choice. That's fine. Just as people have a right to respond to his movies. And many people respond by expressing the negative effect of video his movies have had on them, as an audience. These are usually people who have incredible respect and admiration for Mann, but their argument is that they feel those movies would have had a stronger impact if they had been shot on film. To be clear, this is not everyone's opinion on his recent movies. But some. There are people who completely enjoyed the movies, having expressed no problems with the video technology at all. And that's fine. But since there are a few people (or possibly more than a few) who think they would have enjoyed film rather than video, I wondered if the opposite occurs...if people think certain movies shot on film would have had a stronger impact if they were shot on video. The fact that people do question my choice of film is fine. I dont mind swatting the flies away. Can be amusing conversations and debates at times. And as a writer, engaging in debates and understanding the nature of them is absolutely vital. "Berate". Another strong word. Well, there are people who do question those choices. Are you asking me why I'm not doing so in this thread? Because this is not a comprehensive thread on "all things technical." Im just trying to focus on a few things here. That's fine. I don't get everything that all people post on here either.
  7. Depends on how well you know the director. My opinion on this, if they are just an acquaintance, but not good friends to the point where you both completely trust each others intentions and judgment, I'd feed them little bits at a time. First just contact them and say you have a strong script and give them the log line, nothing else. Dont bog them down with too much info all at once unless they ask for more. Directors are usually busy people, even between projects. Then the next time you speak or email them, send a brief synopsis. Finesse your opinions as to why the script is strong and why you think that director is good for the project. Keyword being finesse. Then a treatment. Then script. But if they are less than an acquaintance, and barely know who you are, I'd say you need to go through a mutual friend.
  8. Nothing comes to mind, Paul? I know it's tough to come up with examples. Maybe Val Kilmer's turn as John Holmes in Wonderland? Maybe....? By the way, Im looking for intentionally unsympathetic.
  9. Films with unsympathetic protagonists just a few suggestions: Glengarry Glen Ross (entire cast) - Jack Lemon? maybe a little sympathy There Will be Blood Bad Lieutenant ...any others?
  10. Keep your expectations miserably low for the end result of the film. I suspect you don't have a crew because you don't like to communicate....
  11. Johnny Carson had some excellent plans for Dolly... http://www.metacafe.com/watch/49953/best_of_johnny_carson/
  12. Keneu Luca


    Thank Tim Yeah I saw that arri ad on ebay. I didnt phrase my original post very well. I'm well aware of the various ways to mount an LCD. But I was wondering which accessories people prefer. And what the model names and numbers are. For example, that arm in the ad.
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