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  1. Here is a link to a recent music video I shot,,, I liked the look of LOG-C so much that I did no grading at all. Please let me know what you think?
  2. Hi David, I did press for shooting in log c, however the producers and director were not happy with viewing the dailies in a desaturated log C look. when i say we could not afford a dedicated person to colour correct dailies (no matter how basic) i meant it. this was a micro budget film, around the £100,000 mark. thanks for your input though david, im a huge fan of your work,,, particularly "Northfork" my best wishes kyle.
  3. Hi Stephen, thanks, i think the noise is due to the way the frames were grabbed, i basically found the frame i wanted from watching the rushes on quicktime on a mac, i then just used the frame grab function› (shift+cmd+4)... so the image resolution is considerably lower, perhaps only 72dpi. The actual high resolution grab feature on board the alexa was not enabled when we filmed, which was a shame but the D.I has told me she can get full resolution frames once the footage is in F.C.P. We recorded at pro res 4444, in Rec 709. we did this over LOG C simply due to the fact we didnt have the time to grade the LOG C footage prior to watching the rushes. As for the ASA i tried to keep at 800asa, but there were times i pushed it to the maximum Asa, mainly out of curiosity and the conditions we were working in, I did watch some tests on a 2k projector and found that even when there was noise at the highest ASA it didnt look like video noise and had an almost silky quality to it. I actually quite liked it as it appeared more like filmic grain to me. The lenses we used were ARRI ultra primes and a COOKE zoom. and I used only N.D filters (regular and grads) I hope this all helps, best wishes kyle.
  4. Hello everyone, I have just finished shooting a feature film in the uk using the ARRI ALEXA, and recording onto the sxs cards. here are some frame grabs from the rushes. I must admit i and my camera assistants were very impressed with the camera and workflow. you can view large versions here.... My link
  5. Greetings all, Im shooting a short soon and the production want to use 16mm lenses on the p&s pro 35 adapter attached to the Sony 750. Has anyone had experience with this? and/or what should i expect as apposed to using 35mm lenses. I hope someone can help. kyle.
  6. some very nice images there. well done. id be interested to know what lenses where used, and any details on the post workflow. but good good stuff. kyle.
  7. thanks, I guess id like critique on my work and the style of the showreel, i have felt that it is to fast with too many short clips, but as you say some people like that, i guess you can't please everyone, but do appreciate comments from fellow cinematographers. what do you mean by the term "middling" kyle.
  8. flicker is great. here you go. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyleheslop/
  9. Hello I'd really appreciate any comments on my showreel. I feel i am generally happy with my work now and want to start sending my reel to directors and production companies with the hope of getting work. It is 3 minutes long, please be honest. Hope your all well. kyle heslop http://kyleheslop.com/kyleheslop.com/showreel.html
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