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    Making movies, playing pool, and photography. I like to watch the Saw movies, King of the Hill, and Mythbusters. I am on YouTube, my screen name is RobertDV.

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  1. I asked a question about how to get that film look here once. Based on those answers and my expirence, I'd say that its difficult at best to "edit your way" to a film look. What you could do is turn up the saturation and contrast slightly. Also, movies (from what I understand) run at 24 fps. Try switching all your footage to 24fps. Whats more important is just the physical elements of your footage. Basically, try to make it look like it wasn't shot with an amature video camera by having good lighting that shows edges, following the rules of composition (rule of thirds, etc), and try expirementing with different placements of objects. I really liked the low angle view of the drummer; that was done well.
  2. Hey everyone. I got a sound problem. I have 5 microphones; A PC desktop mic (stereo), 2 clip-on mics (stereo), a shotgun mic for my camera (mono), and a hand held mic for my camera (mono). I need to get sound onto my computer for editing. I have 2 mono to stereo adaptors, but my hand held and my shotgun mic are just way, WAY too quiet for my PC (bouncing around -35 dB). My clip-ons are the same way. It seems that only my PC mic will work at all on my computer (the clip-ons said they work great with the PC, but they dont work really at all). Why won't any of the other mics work? How do I boost power? My laptop only has a mic-in, no line-in. Please respond ASAP. Thanks alot for your help. -Rob
  3. I fixed the problem. It was a corrupted file.
  4. I already tried that. It works, but the video is only about 3 seconds now (it was supposed to be 30). When I slow it down, it looks even worse.
  5. Hi everyone! I got a major problem. I have a .mov file that I want in my video. It plays just fine on QuickTime. It says that it has a framerate of 29.97fps. But when I import this file into Premiere, it instantly converts to 2.99fps. I've tryed everything I know, and I can't fix it. Why does it do this? The quicker you respond the better. Thanks! -Robert
  6. I got the AG-DVC7 from panasonic. Its not the best, but its better than any camera I've ever used. And it was afforadable ($1,000).
  7. Yes I didn't film anything for this. All I did was add three sets of images together (Starcraft, the angry German kid, and the subtitles) in a creative/funny way. Part of film making is being a good video editor, not just a cameraman or a director. If you wanna see some things that I actually filmed, look at my profile on YouTube (RobertDV). All of the Bite of Seattle interviews were filmed by me with my new prosumer video camera; the one thats "as big as my 20 pound cat."
  8. I recorded myself playing Starcraft really badly. Then, I mixed that recording with the angry German kid video with Premiere.
  9. That angry German kid is so funny. Hes SO funny in fact, that lots of people make their own versions. So here's my version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwMcePx8ezE I know people on YouTube love this one, but what do all you experts think?
  10. Do any of you have specific advice about lighting? I've read a few things like that when I film someone's face should try to have the bones and shapes of their face cause shadows; I sould not really just light up the entire face. I guess just pointing light sources at very specific angles and things like that?
  11. I'm very new at film making too. I might sound like an idiot by saying this but... My first DV camera was a sony DCR-TRV260. I know, video sucks compaired to film. But I have to say one thing about this camera: its duriable. I once took it on an ATV ride with my friend. I wanted to be the passenger so I could film. That camera got wet, dusty, and banged around. It even slightly cracked open at one point. I just pushed it back together. To this day, it still works perfectly. So if you want to do any action shots where the camera bight be in some extreme situations, I really suggest using the DCR-TRV260. I think its about $150 now. Be warned! This is a VERY amature camera. There is no mic in, no speaker out, no white balance adjustment, etc. ONLY use this camera when you abolutely NEED to; use this camera as a kind of "stunt double" for more dangerous shots to protect your nicer cameras. The video won't be as great, but your better equipment will be saved.
  12. Hello everyone! I just joined this site! From reading some of the forum posts, it seems that many of you are very high-level film makers. I only have about 2 years of expirence. I love making movies. I want to make a feture length film at my college as one of my final projects a couple years down the road. I got a question for all of you experts... I recently (well, about 4 months ago) got a Panasonic AG-DVC7 digital prosumer video camera. Its the best camera I could afford. I know that digital video can ony go so far. Anyway, do any of you know how to get a really convincing film look with a DV video camera? How do I edit/adjust my way to a film look? I have read some things (turn up saturation and contrast etc.) but I want to hear what you all have to say. I know how to use Adobe Premiere very well, and I'm comfortable with Final Cut Pro. Any help would be vauled. By the way, I am also on YouTube under the screen name RobertDV. Thanks, Rob
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