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  1. Hi guys, I feel like this is a newbie question... hehe because I've never made my own telecine exports before. Simple question... My footage is broadcast safe. NTSC export limiter 8 bit (16-235) Im adding a 2:1 letterbox on top of that. Should the black of the letterbox be broadcast safe too ? Blacks at 16 ? Or is it permissible to have the letterbox be pure 0 black. Thanks Benjamin
  2. Thanks alot David, thanks Robert! I guess Im good then. Shooting with an Arriflex SR-3 High Speed.
  3. Hi, I'm looking at the kodak catalog: http://motion.kodak.com/motion/uploadedFil...March9_2009.pdf Im shooting a music video on Super 16 soon. Lots of high speed photography ranging from 24fps to about 120 fps. What is the difference between regular 7219 and the one created for high-speed cameras ? Thx Benjamin
  4. Hi guys, I'm re-reading the second edition of CINEMATOGRAPHY by Kris Malkiewicz and I was wondering what the third edition coverered thats not in the second edition... New telecine techniques? Kino Flos ect? Do you think the update is worth it or is it basically the same thing? Thx Ben
  5. Yeah I agree.. that shot is the first one to go for the demo update.
  6. It's up again :) If it doesnt work on ur end: http://www.vimeo.com/3250150
  7. Hi guys! I just started my own production house in Montreal, Canada. We just finished our first demo Which can be viewed here: http://www.gonkfilms.com All the cinematography was done my Mr.Mark Morgenstern (The Diary) and myself. It's a production house that primarily focuses its energy on music videos, short films, commercials and new media. As you can judge by the demo, we try to close the gap between film production, visual effects, motion graphics and stop-motion photography. thanks Benjamin Lussier
  8. Cool. So if I want to avoid this in the future I should get a better lens. Don't really have the choice to use a .85 filter tho :S...
  9. There you go gentlemen ! Finally managed to upload the picture. I was shooting with an old Arri II-B by the way. Old lenses too. The more I look at it the more I think this could be the problem. By the way, Karl, is that what you mean by halation, or it is just a little halo around the actor? Something we call " light wrap" in the world of compositing. thanks for your helps guys, very much apreciated
  10. Is it possible also that I was just using a very bad lense and that`s what caused the glaring ?
  11. Hmm. Im trying to attach the pic but it says its too big... even tho its just 30k But yeah I wasn`t pointing at the sun at all.
  12. Hi guys, Is it safe to light a scene with Kino Flos if the camera isnt chrystal sync, OR if, let's say I want to shoot high speed at a framerate that isnt 60,120 or 240 fps ? Does the High Frequency ballast compensate? Creating a sort of incandescent light ? Or is it still a just like a regular fluorescent (60hz) but, made a little more stable to avoid flicker? I've never used Kino Flos, as you can guess. And I think I may have to use them on project soon. Best regards, Benjamin
  13. Hi guys, Im starting to shoot on film more and more these days.. and theres just one thing that bugs me. How do you get rid of the subtle (sometimes not so subtle) flaring that occurs when the subject is filmed against bright exteriors. I have attached a picture that shows what I mean. The camera was not aimed at the sun, and it's not like a flag could have blocked the flare because it coming from behind the subject, correct me if Im wrong. And since it was shot outside, bringing a 1k spotlight to light the subject to compensate for the brightness of the sky is simply not very practical... and if it were, would that have solved the problem ? Any tips from the pros ? Thanks Benjamin
  14. Michael Seresin Emmanuel Lubezki Harris Savides Darius Khondji and I gotta say Im very excited about Claudio Miranda's work these days.
  15. Agreed, the film looks absolutely fantastic. I first heard of the film during production in Montreal. They shot a few things in the old port right next to my office... I looked it up the net, found out they were using the viper. When I saw the trailer in theatres... it blew me away !!! I mean, saying that I LOVE film would be a huge understantement... but seeing this trailer shook me to the core! This is digital... and it looks absolutely flawless! I always assumed that HD would eventually take over the industry... something I dreaded but accepted... Thinking that eventually people would get used to the look and embrace it, but that I and a few others would remain skeptical and bitter. hehe But with a film like this, I mean, the average viewer really can't tell the difference. I can hardly tell too! The motion blur has these nice organic streaks, the highlights and shadows are detailed... it's like a perfect negative. I'm actually excited about the transition thats taking place now! Great job guys!
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