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    I'm a French film technician.<br />One of this guys in the shadows, always behind a camera or a light. So of course i'm interested in Cinematography, Steadicam and making movies!<br />Otherwise, i'm interested in soccer(PSG) and web design(flash & html).

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  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking to get a Digital SLR for a long time now. I'm very confident with my Still Camera, a Minolta SRT 101 with 3lenses but i would like to go digital to save money and to step ahead to the future. I'm a fan of the Nikon look cause i've tried the D70 of my friend. I was thinking to get a Nikon D70 but they just released a D80 :o The new D80 have bigger definition 10Millions pixels but it also have many bullshit mode as Slide show... I check out the web and i've found that Panasonic released a DMC L1 that is 7,5Millions pixels with a 14/50mm Leica Lens. This camera seems to approached differently the digital world. I've to be honest but i'm lost ! I love the Nikon digital look but i also love the Panasonic video look (DVX100, HVX200, Varicam) ! I love that they collaborate with Leica for the lenses. What sould i do ? Do i have to afford such money to get a Digital SLR camera and in that case wich one or do i just need to by a small compact digital camera and to keep my old Minolta ? If any one have an idea or already got in hand the Panasonic, let me now. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Guys ! I just read the topic cause i'm also looking for a book that is fully explaining HD as said Mike Williamson : I'm still trying to make sure I'm really understanding the basics of how the video signal works. As him, i already read the two books written by Paul Wheeler. I've found them very interesting but i would like to go deeper or maybe in HD you don't have to know more than what Paul Wheeler write :unsure: What about the American Cinematographer Video Manual, is it really worth it ? Mike ? Are there any others books that are explaining HD camera and HD signal ? I think not after what i've rode here :unsure: Best Regards.
  3. Hi everybody, I just have a very quick question : What kind of screen will suit me the best if i'm shooting video like DV and would like to be able to shoot carachters and screens in the same frame... I mean, having a whole of screens and a presenter for example ? I'm wondering this cause i saw a DP shooting drama scene in HDcam and having video projeted on plasma...or LCD ? I don't know :blink: I don't want to the see a artefacts or a bar coming along the video i'm projected on the monitor(LCD or Plasma). Thanks in advance. I hope i can make myself understandable...
  4. Stephen, I've talked today with a friend of mine who bought a Mac Book with 2GO of Memory few weeks ago. He set up Final Cut Pro 5.1 and he says that it's working very well. He didn't try for the moment Motion DVD STUDIO. Find on the Apple's Forum : I'm running the Universal version of Final Cut Pro 5.1 right now on my MacBook and it runs great. Motion 2 will not run, but all the other Studio Apps will run great.
  5. Hi Guys ! I'm sending you this link to the trailer of "Sensitive Layer" a film by Herve Freiburger (a friend of mine) who was shot on S16mm SCOPE ! We used the french scope system made by Thierry Tronchet (2.66) http://www.myvideo.fr/watch/22694 I wasn't the operator on this, just the Best Boy Electric. Please give me some feedback, i will forward them to the operator and the director.
  6. First of all, what the mood : night, day, inside, outside ? After, if your in studio, where the light is coming from already ? Window ? Pratical ? The best thing to do when you're on the way to lit a scene is to look how the location is lite naturaly and try to emulate that, don't fight against ;-)
  7. With this last post, Hans, i'm definitely gonna get a Mac Book :) Now, i think that the money it cost is worth it ! Just one more thing, where can i find the Mac Forum that Stephen was talking about ??
  8. Stephen : According to the apple website the mactel version of FCP isn't suppoted by the graphics card in the regular macbook. Where did u get this ? Can you send me the link ?
  9. Hi Guys, I'm actualy looking to get a new lab top. I'm on PC right now but i'm looking to get a Mac and i'm very interesting by the Mac Book, the regular one, not the Pro ! The only bad part of this computer is the Video Chipset which is only 64MO :angry: I'm wondering if this is enough to watch DVD easily, to make some flash websites, photoshop and also editing some simple clips like my demo reel on Final Cut Pro ? Also, that 64MO shared with the original memory so if i'm going to 2GO of memory is this going to help my video chipset ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks Guys ! Bob1DP, that's pretty damned good advice that you gave me. I'm gonna also work on the idea of John Toll, thanks heel_e ;) Otherwise, i'm wondering, what's the interest of Coral Filter when shooting outside ?
  11. Nice, really nice and a big perfomance with the budget/schedule/model issues you've met ;-) I'm just wondering why did you used 500T vision 2 and what the interest ? How much were you open in that case, something like T5,6 outside ...if you put some ND and 85ND.
  12. Dear David and all that are following the topic, That's true, i want a very harshy and contrasty look but i'm still looking for softening the sun. I'm thinking some times to bounce some of it to fill in the shadows that i will cast during the day. So, as you said i'm looking for some slight softening and i like your idea of Soft Frost. I'm feeling the same about the Silver Lame. After your post, I've checked Matthews website :D By the way, i didn't know that bleach muslim was a reflective material :huh: Can you tell me more about it ? Now, that i can get an idea of what kind of frame i'll use (6'x6' & 12'x12' ; yesterday i didn't know the conversion foot :rolleyes: ) i'm wondering wich type of filter i will need... I know that the sun in summer is more than 6 000°K during the day if i don't have any clouds in the sky. So, i looked at all my filters table and i could notice that with a 85 or 81 series i will be able to warm up a bit the whole image and maybe to keep a continuity on kelvin closer to 5600°K (my stock : Kodak Vision 2 50D). Do i'm wright ? If yes, i'll do that but i'm wondering if i would need to do a grey scale/card everytime i'm changing the correction (the filter) ? I think it's time to go to bed for me now. It's late and fu**in warm here in Paris. See u tomorrow. Thanks in advance. I finaly upload the pic !
  13. Hi Guys, I'm actully pre-producing a short film on S16mm that will be shot only outside during the months of August. It's gonna be very warm and hot and the sun will be very high in the sky and strong but it's the look we want ! We're not gonna shoot under the shade. Anyway, my goal is to used only natural lighting such as Frame(6"x6" for example) and Reflector. I'm wondering what anyone can advice me about the kind of Diffusion and Reflections materials they will use. There is so many : Spy, Silk, Matflector... What's the difference between all of them ? Also, i'm wondering what's the best as conversion filters ? I'm gonna shoot with the Kodak 50D. Coral, 85, 80 ? Any advices will be help full. Here, attach, a pics of the location.
  14. Hi Guys ! Jumping into the topics to ask a question to Richard Boddington I'm a French Gaffer and i'm actullay thinking to move to New Zealand. I'm wondering wich city is the best to break into the real film industry out there ? Wellington or Auckland ? Are you from NZ or from Australia ? Thanks in advance.
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