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  1. Hi Brian, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for your help, it really saved my darkroom session! All the best, Jayne
  2. Dear all, I am mixing up a batch of my usual kodak D19 developer (for Tri-X super8) with a new stock of raw chemicals. The sodium carbonate that I have just bought is decahydrate and my formula calls for monohydrated. Does anyone know how to convert the monohydrated weight to decahydrate? The D19 needs 52.5g monohydrated. All suggestion are welcome Jayne
  3. Hello everyone, Thanks for your thoughtful input!!! I have been using this charger : http://www.materiel.net/chargeurs-et-adaptateurs/ansmann-chargeur-acs-410-traveller-mobile-63516.html The batteries were supposedly re-celled so should work well. I am wondering if it may be the use of this new charger that has caused the problem. I will definitely get the guy who services my beaulieu to try the batteries with another camera. I am currently charging one of the batteries through the camera (with the original beaulieu charger). I will give it 12 hours and see if I still have problems. Have any of you heard of a system to hook up to beaulieu super 8 cameras that would result in better autonomy (like an external battery pack)?
  4. Dear all, I am having some problems with 3 batteries I bought for my beaulieu 4008 super 8 camera. The person who sold these to me claimed to have serviced the batteries, and that they would be like new. Unfortunately, I realized that instead of lasting (up to) 10 rolls of film, the batteries started to fail on the 2nd roll, and the camera began to slow down (I haven't processed these rolls yet but I suppose I will have a lot of footage with varying exposures). Is this a problem with the batteries, the charger or the camera? I would be very grateful to have your input and advice on this. All the best, Jayne
  5. Hello everyone, I am planning a shoot in a little cottage in an isolated location with a working fireplace but no electricity. I have decided, after much reflection and exchange with the lovely people of this forum, to try to shoot 'all flames': big candles, fireplace, and gas lanterns like these : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Coleman-F1-Lite-Lantern-8/dp/B000GM4J72/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top with a lot of reflectors. Has anyone used this type of gas lanterns before? I will be shooting super 8 tri-x (200 ISO) with a beaulieu 4008. I would be curious to know if any of you have had any experience with this! All the best, Jayne
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for all your suggestions. I have decided to explore the gas light avenue - its funny that you mention it Phil. I will start a new thread specifically about using these lights, feel free to contribute if you have any experience. It would be really thrilling to be able to go 'all flames' for this shoot (candles + gas lamps + lots of reflectors)! Best, Jayne
  7. And I am a DIY woman Christopher ;-) ! Thanks to all for your great replies. Dom and Rafael, you really saved my life! THANKS! I will set the ISO to 100 on 24f/s and go from there! Best wishes to you all, Jayne
  8. Yes, I would definitely be interested if someone had any experience with these!
  9. Hi guys, Thanks for your replies! I thought of perhaps setting my meter to 1/125 ( 2/3 stops less than my 1/87 aim right?) and then compensating by bringing my ISO down from 200 to 125ISO (equivalent to 2/3 more than 200...?). Does that seem logical to you? Rafael: I'm really sorry, I'm not much of a technician :( and I don't really understand the f. / t. stop difference. Could you please explain? I'm sure that I have a lot to learn from you! When it comes to compensating for shutter degree difference, I feel a bit lost. So I'd prefer to work in photo-mode (which I can understand a little easier) and compensate either with the time or ISO settings.
  10. Rudy, thanks for your suggestions. I hadn't thought of that - I will check out those old super 8 guns on ebay now. A friend of mine has just suggested gasoline lamps... like this : http://www.auvieuxcampeur.fr/terre/eclairage/lanterne-a-gaz/lanterne-f1-lite.html another avenue to explore! Thanks for the video Matt, it looks great!!! Here's my contribution (tri-x beaulieu 5008 and canon 814 - then hand-processed) with various lighting situations: http://vimeo.com/14898901
  11. Hello! I have a question about metering light with my new Sekonic L-538 for my Beaulieu 4008zm4 on which I had a Schneider 6-66 (max. aperture 1.8) mounted. The beaulieu manual states that at 24f/s, I have to expose for 1/87th sec. Unfortunately the sekonic will only allow 1/60 or 1/125 settings. The cine mode on this meter is for cameras that have 180 degree shutters. I have read up on the beaulieu 4008 and apparently it has a 100 degree shutter so the cine setting won't work for me either. How would you guys compensate for this difference? And how much would you compensate? All the best, Jayne
  12. Thanks for these replies!!! Christopher, you rule! I have downloaded the manual for the UWIII at Super8 Arena (what a great resource). Bill, thanks for all your quality replies, on this question and the lighting question. All the best to you all, Jayne
  13. Hello all, Thanks for all these really helpful answers, after thought I think I will go with LED lights, candles, reflectors and a little hope ;-)! All the best, and thank you again, Jayne
  14. Hi guys, Thanks very much for your replies!!! Leonardo your detailed response was perfectly understandable and very helpful! A generator is too much trouble and I've already ruled out that possibility. Most people suggested battery-run LED lights. Let me know if you have any suggestions on types/brands. Thanks again, Jayne
  15. Hello all, I have just purchased a schneider aspheric wide angle attachment for my beaulieu 4008 on which I had a schneider 6-66mm 1.8 lens mounted. Have anyone had any experience with this lens attachment? Do I need to compensate exposure? How do I correctly focus with the attachment? Has anyone had any soft edges/vignetting? All comments, experience, suggestions are welcome! Thanks a lot! Jayne
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