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  1. Hi just to add , Try some fresh batteries & a good tap with the hand " can do wonders " https://manualzz.com/doc/2029722/canon-1014xl-s-camcorder-user-manual
  2. Where in London are you ? give these people a call / Should have some dead carts around 🙂 https://www.on8mil.com/product-category/8mm-film-packages/
  3. Thanks Guys , Its now purring away , Just needed a little TLC ,
  4. Hi , just got a beaulieu 4008 zm 4 , everything working as it should only thing is the zoom is stiff on Optivaron 1.4 6-70mm lense Any tips or tricks to help before looking at a CLA + cost . Thanks
  5. Helge Landgraf / would be nice to see how you rigged the set up to camera ! any chance to post some photos or pm me please , Thank you christopher
  6. Hi Christopher, just wondered if you still had that spare Leicina Special battery box ?



    1. christophernigel


      Hello Raymond ,

      Sorry hardly come on to the forum these's days ,

      As to your ? Yes i do have two that I can part with 100 euros each as there are very rare & hard to get ,

      The Leicina Special  to me is the best super 8 camera ever made .

      If you need a photos let me know  & can pay by pay pal .

      Kind Regards ,


  7. Try some contact spray & a tap with fresh batterys !
  8. Hi, has anyone got a copy of the Revue Super 8-Pocket L manual or the Chinon Pocket 8 manual, please can you post a link or has a copy in pdf , Thanks
  9. Hello I have a spare one yes are rare & helps if you have one , cost of the Battery Box & shipping with tracking to UK . PM me .
  10. Hello, just got a Canon zoom DS8 , would anyone know if there's a Canon C8 Wide Angle lens attachment made for the canon DS8 or a work around as there is no macro setting ? Thanks
  11. Hi, just to add , Do not load 15 m / 50ft of film as will or prone to jam ! best with around 13m filled with film on the Kaccema reloadable carts .
  12. As mentioned in my first post above, MicroDelta in Spain offers repair on the Nikon R10. The reply I received was: Hello, I can repair the photometer of your Nikon R10 and the price is 72.00 euros + shipping costs. The price includes repair, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment. It does not include fungus cleaning of the lens. -Mateu (I estimate the shipping costs from East Coast of U.S.A (where I am ) to Spain will be around $180 to get it there and back, but could be slightly more all things considered like insurance ... 72.00 Euros is $82.48 U.S. Dollars at current rate of exchange (Feb. 3, 2019) . There are very good from what I been told / 72.00 euros still works out better than the other offers ?
  13. Hi , Being looking for a copy of the Leicina ST 1 electronic control unit in English not easy to find only have a copy in German . Any chance of getting a pdf from you please ! Will you pm if you can thanks you . Christopher .
  14. Hi I know this is a long shot anyone here have a Sony walkman wmd6c Gebuhr multisyn . There is a binder 712 5p male cable connector on the walkman ! do you know which way , one should wire for a diy cable / walkman to camera ? better still if any one has a cable there want to sell please pm me . gebuhr multisyn was not helpful with this ? after sending them a e mail . Thanks https://picclick.de/SONY-WM-D6C-WALKMAN ... id=1&pid=7
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