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  1. Hi, just to add , Do not load 15 m / 50ft of film as will or prone to jam ! best with around 13m filled with film on the Kaccema reloadable carts .
  2. As mentioned in my first post above, MicroDelta in Spain offers repair on the Nikon R10. The reply I received was: Hello, I can repair the photometer of your Nikon R10 and the price is 72.00 euros + shipping costs. The price includes repair, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment. It does not include fungus cleaning of the lens. -Mateu (I estimate the shipping costs from East Coast of U.S.A (where I am ) to Spain will be around $180 to get it there and back, but could be slightly more all things considered like insurance ... 72.00 Euros is $82.48 U.S. Dollars at current rate of exchange (Feb. 3, 2019) . There are very good from what I been told / 72.00 euros still works out better than the other offers ?
  3. Hi , Being looking for a copy of the Leicina ST 1 electronic control unit in English not easy to find only have a copy in German . Any chance of getting a pdf from you please ! Will you pm if you can thanks you . Christopher .
  4. Hi I know this is a long shot anyone here have a Sony walkman wmd6c Gebuhr multisyn . There is a binder 712 5p male cable connector on the walkman ! do you know which way , one should wire for a diy cable / walkman to camera ? better still if any one has a cable there want to sell please pm me . gebuhr multisyn was not helpful with this ? after sending them a e mail . Thanks https://picclick.de/SONY-WM-D6C-WALKMAN ... id=1&pid=7
  5. In this case , I told them the camera had a problem with the motor & would need a new one ! Many email & yes send the camera should be able to fix 85% chance can fix ! outcome was no motor & hard to find . Leicina speical had a holiday in Spain with no repair with a wait of 6 months .
  6. Make sure there have the spare parts ? As had given me the run round over a leicina speical repair ! After many email saying yes can be fixed then 6 months later no can do , As can not find the parts needed . So out come was my Leicina speical had a holiday in Spain with no repair .
  7. Use a sturdy cardboard box. Place the device or parts in the middle of the shipping box. Pad them up tight (eg with crumpled paper). Please do not send the devices in an unpadded suitcase! Include a letter with your address and details of the order. We recommend the shipping with DHL / German Post. The packages are insured (up to 500, - EUR or more with surcharge) and can be tracked at any time. but with no insurance there is nothing that can be done , Here its its insured for 500 EUR0 or more .
  8. Then you should take a look at what Pro 8 mm have done with there Beaulieu 4008 cameras & Lens if it's bad advice , Still after all these years no problem and it works fine .
  9. Well my lens is doing very after all these years , Not the only one to have done this ?
  10. Rafael it's very easy use some gaffer tape to cover were the lens gears are exposed ,
  11. Thank you for the update on wittner / took them years , Maybe now there get more custom .
  12. Carl this looks like a big camera size wise ? Makes my beloved Leicina Special look even more special in that nice German kind of way .
  13. I am happy 100 d is back always been good with it , love this film then with with home cooking . 64t was to soft .
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