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  1. Thanks guys for all the responses. I appreciate it!
  2. Hi all, We're shooting a film project here in Florida. Shooting 16mm black and white reversal. Don't have a lot of money for film, putting most of it on my credit card. Which leads me to my question - once when I was changing a mag, my brain must have been fried and I opened an unexposed can of film in daylight. But it was only out of the can for about 5-10 seconds before I realized what I was doing. I never opened the bag. My question is - is this salvageable? Can I shoot a few pickup shots on it? Is the interior bag Kodak uses light proof? Thanks all for your expertise, Pb
  3. Hey all, we're looking to finish a S16mm project we've been working on for a little while now. The camera we've been using (modified Eclair ACL) has some serious flicker issues, but only while filming outdoors on bright days. But that's a separate matter. We're looking to get a cheap S16mm camera to finish off these last 2 scenes. There is no sync sound and I was looking at a Krasnagorsk. I've read through most of the old forum posts about the K3 but wanted to see if anyone here had any input on it. Also, do you guys recommend the bayonet mount? Thanks all.
  4. Thanks Freya. I actually think the lab did push a stop but the reversal just drops off to black so suddenly, and with our minimal light kit, its difficult. I do agree though about desaturating color to black and white. It doesn't always look the same, but since the scenes are all night shots, the contrast tends to be higher to begin with and, as you said, they aren't intercutting with anything. Hopefully it will work.
  5. Hey all, We're planning on shooting some pickups for a project we shot on 7266 TriX B&W Reversal. The issue that has arisen is that some of the wide exterior night shots, we found, dropped off incredibly on reversal, even when overexposed a little. We don't have the lights needed to light vast areas either unfortunately. So, for our pickups, we're looking to substitute some of the exterior night establishing shots with some high ASA negative, and then desaturate and up the contrast (if needed) in post. Does anyone have any suggestions on filmstock to use? Thanks all,
  6. Thanks all! That certainly explains a lot! :)
  7. Ok, so here goes a pretty dumb sounding question that I will ask anyway. If I pop an ND4 filter onto my lens, and the exposure would normally be an 11, do I count that stop (the 11) as one of the 4 stops down? If that makes sense? Would it be a 4 or a 2.8. Thanks guys!!
  8. Hey all, I'm using an Angenieux zoom lens (15 to 150) on an old Eclair ACL, shooting on black and white reversal (if it makes a difference). In my past shorts, I've always just zoomed in all the way with my zoom lens (using a different camera and lens), focused and zoomed back out to my preferred framing and have never had a problem. I know thats not the proper way to do things, but bare with me here. On this shoot, I've been working the same way and notice that some of the footage has come back with a little soft focus. Does anyone have any recommendations as to why his may be? Thanks!!
  9. Hey all, we're about a third of the way into shooting a project on a Super 16mm converted Eclair. The lab called and informed me that some of the footage has a little bit of a flicker to it. They said its more noticeable in the day scenes, where its very bright, less noticeable on the night scenes, if at all. I shot three test rolls before this project, at different times, and noticed the flicker a bit on the first roll. After that roll, I had Bernie O'Dougherty look over the camera and he fixed the fuse on it which wasn't for the proper voltage (or wattage ?). I attributed the flicker to the fact that the incorrect fuse as the next 2 rolls I did looked fine. Unfortunately, the flicker has reared its ugly head again. Bernie has since mentioned to check the claw and see if it's timed up properly with the aperture's opening and closing, which it is. He had also mentioned possible power/battery issues, but the battery is new and I drain and charge it so I don't think that is it. Has anyone else experienced this problem or can offer solution? It's greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey all, We're shooting a project in the next few months and I have two questions. 1) What is a good, low budget method of creating a flash of lightening outside of a window. I had thought of using a few different camera flashes, with different strengths, and shooting them off almost at the same time. I have to do some tests to see how well that would actually work though. 2) Secondly, we have one shot in the film, a locked-down wide shot at dusk, that needs some composite work. On the horizon, we see some storm clouds building up with heat lightening inside, lighting up the clouds. I would rather avoid if possible making the clouds and lightening CG. I was trying to figure out a way to "create" my own clouds and film them for the composite shot. I did something similar to this in a short film, where we shot a cut-out of the moon, which was backlit, through a fishtank and poured half and half in. Then we filmed it in super slow mo and it gave a great moon-and-clouds-at-night effect which we composited into our film, but this is a little trickier since its day. Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys, Just got an converted S 16mm eclair and am looking to get a 10mm (or thereabouts) lens for it, using the c mount adapter. Ebay has plenty of c-mount 10mm lenses, but can anyone give me some insight on which ones will vignette S 16mm and which ones won't ? Here's one I was looking out and it seems most of the seller's don't even know! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:X:RTQ:US:1123 Thanks for all the replies in advance!
  12. I've discovered the Series 9 adapter rings on B&H. I just need to figured out the diameter of the lens now. Am I supposed to measure the just the diameter of the glass or the whole way across? Thx!
  13. Hey guys, Just got a camera with an Angenieux zoom lens 15mm to 150mm (10 x 15 B, if that makes a difference). I'm trying to get some filters for it but am a little confused. I had been recommended Series 9 filters, of which I already have one. The Series 9 filters are exactly the same size on the outside as the end of the lens, if you line them up. Now, the end of the lens doesn't so much have threading as it has a sort of pop-in-and-screw kind of locking mechanism. I clearly need to get some step up /or down rings for the lens. Are there any recommendations as to how to go about this? I don't even know what filter size the lens is to make a choice. Thanks guys!
  14. Satsuki, thanks for your in-depth posts. I think the best we'll be able to do is probably HVX or EX1. But it should work. I didn't mention that the video segments are supposed to be reminiscent of skating videos, where everything is in focus all the time, in a sort of documentary approach. So the DOF issue should matter, or perhaps add to the realism, if anything.
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