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  1. Speaking of eyepiece mounts looking for a cinema products orientable finder mount for my acl 1.5 if anyone has any leads, already tried visual products to no avail and AZ is a no go as well.
  2. I’ve done two 16mm jobs overseas and when production asked camera crew to fly back with the shot stock we all pretty firmly put our foot down and opted for them to ship it, there were just too many failure points in the chain and we didn’t want to have to carry it on like a briefcase handcuffed to the president. No issues with shipping and while I’m sure both work I just see less apparent problems with shipping vs airport security, also it’s getting dicier and dicier asking for hand checks as airport security seems to be going down in quality rather than up, best of luck in whatever you pick.
  3. For sale is my beaulieu r16 with original ergonomic non powered handle as well as the powered handle/battery grip. Was just serviced by duall in 2019 and battery was also recelled in 2019 and comes with charger, case, donor r16 body and port caps- asking $800usd also have an angenieux 12.5-75 in great condition for an additional $500 that makes this a great mos setup. Reach out/message for pictures as image links are always spotty here, thanks much.
  4. I thought from the post title I was going to hate this but this is actually quite sensible to me.
  5. This comes up on this blog a decent amount and while it’s not untrue it’s also a bit myopic, the reason those cameras are able to have such advanced AF systems is because the camera is using a dedicated AF lens with motors inside, cinematographers have for years been using mostly pl or pv mount cinema lenses that can not integrate such tech because frankly they would be huge. It’s possible with external motors but it would have to exist within the ecosystem of something like a preston with a light ranger or like smallhd’s rangefinder af integration which is nowhere near as accurate because it can’t detect faces or contrast and would still need to be operated by a first AC making dedicated focus decisions. I agree that the best firsts can and do rely on a bit of both (although only very relatively recently) but it’s important not to minimize how different these systems’ implementations are in the real world.
  6. What arris are you looking at that are significantly cheaper than a Red Gemini?
  7. For the same reason that there aren’t a bunch of 416s floating around, these were the most advanced s16 primes Arri ever made and the price tag and quantity produced matches that, most are in rental houses like the one you linked.
  8. You’ve basically answered your own question but the fact that you need basically a truck to house enough lights necessary for a versatile enough shooting setup means that it’s a far more likely and practical investment for a gaffer rather than a dp and most larger name and commercial DPs I work with own a ton of glass and bring basically no lights or if they do own lights they’re co-owned with a gaffer they often work with and are thusly going out on more jobs than just that particular DPs. Not practical advice for everyone but I really feel you should just rent them, lighting is so important you really don’t want to be constrained to just what you’ve got in the garage.
  9. All valid, though I’ve yet to see a worse offender than Army of the Dead. The predilection of less than stellar DPs not only insisting on shooting on ultra fast glass but also insisting on shooting them wide open just for the sake of doing it I think plays into this as well.
  10. Yup. My 1.5 came with the same grip, honestly really like it, more ergonomic than it looks.
  11. I could personally forgo one of these for an inching speed
  12. It’s not about center sharpness, it’s about crop factor, s16 is ~3x so a speed booster would open up wide range of new wide angle lenses to be used with an extra stop of light. Just because you don’t see the market doesn’t mean there isn’t one.
  13. Just wanted to chime in to say that you’ll make no friends by asking operators to tape their shoes for you everytime you have a handheld push in- As Gregory said, keep it simple and feel it out.
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