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  1. There’s one on eBay right now that looks to be regular 16 with a 15-150, pretty reasonable starting bid too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eclair-ACL-II-16mm-Crystal-Sync-Camera-Kit-Angenieux-10-150mm-Lens/174604087954?hash=item28a736f292:g:~5QAAOSw2QpgCEGr
  2. Hi Alpha, The mini LF is a super solid camera that is basically a combination of the sensor of the LF (although not exactly) and the design philosophy of the Alexa mini which is a camera that’s been a pretty solid contender for about five years now. Arri is also a brand leader known for color reproduction which again, is super solid in the mini LF. As an AC, personally the only gripe I have with the mini LF is that the EVF scroll wheel has moved to the center making it impossible to scroll through selections while it’s flipped inwards, aside from this one quirk I think the mini LF is a su
  3. Great to know, thanks for the heads up!
  4. For reference, is this viewfinder orientable while still keeping the image erect? I have a couple old angeniuex Paris vfs and have wondered how this one is different but can’t find a ton of information online, appreciate any input!
  5. Hi Brendan, that is a bit pricey but for the sake of curiosity could you tell me who that supplier is? Thanks so much
  6. Currently trying to track down any kind of a battery (non functioning is fine) w/cable for eclair ACL 1 or 1.5 (original 4-pin jaeger connector) or even just a 4 pin jaeger connector to fashion a new cable, already have two batteries with XLR out, just need the jaeger end (original cable was fried) neither Bernie at Super16inc nor Andrew at AZ spectrum seem to have any stock so checking here, much appreciated!
  7. Hey guys, been mucking around in the amateur 16mm camera market for awhile now and want to finally jump in to something a little more professional but still small enough to one man band when I need- looking for any Eclair ACL packages for sale (Ergo viewfinder and handle preferred but given scarcity I’m just curious to see what there is at all) thanks much!
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