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  1. If you’re trying to keep it local, focus optics in van nuys can probably do it although they have been quite busy recently. Duclos is another option.
  2. There isn’t some universal conspiracy to make v mount look inferior, it’s just not as sturdy. Ever had to go low mode on steadicam with a v mount? Enjoy literally taping/bongo tie’ing the thing on so it doesn’t fall from its own weight. Many monitor brackets have to utilize the lengthwise real estate and mount horizontally rather than vertically- again a very weak point for a sliding v mount. As a US based career AC all of my colleagues prefer Gold mount for the stability, not some brand loyalty as most of these replies can attest to- it may very well be a us vs European thing but there’s absolutely a reason we prefer a locking mount that doesn’t easily slide off of its own volition, as for the quip about gold locks being ugly square lumps I’m not really sure why the aesthetics of a battery are more important than it’s actual function which is powering the camera in a secure and stable fashion. The majority of V mount owners in the US are exactly that, owner ops and most jump into it because it’s a lower entry price- I’ve also noticed most have regrets after using the gold mount system and end up transferring over if they have the means.
  3. If you’re looking for color accuracy go tvlogic, vfm-055 or 58 are both great options for onboard. Smallhd’s can take luts but I’ve seen them go quickly out of calibration although I use them for focus pulling since they’re pretty feature friendly. I don’t know about that one, chief.
  4. Hi Evan, I’m indeed referring to the rubber magazine loop protector/throat cap, let me know if you’ve got one, thanks so much!
  5. As stated, looking for a mag port cover for Aaton XTR, thanks so much. -Travis
  6. Hey all- Recently I purchased a 9mm and 16mm kowa cine lens and just got them CLA’ed. I’m now looking to finish the set so trying to find a 12mm and 25mm- hopefully with the kowa cine badging so that the coatings match but also considering the CP Ultra T version as well, thanks much.
  7. For color accuracy I’d really recommend the tvlogic route, for something in that size the vfm-058 and 055 are both solid picks and the 055 is also an oled. As a focus puller I love the 703 because of it’s size and feature set but I’d never really want to light off of it.
  8. Building on Baltasar’s comment a clamp on straight to 138 would also be very useful for close up diopter work, that’s something I would definitely add to my kit.
  9. Alexis Zabe shot The Florida Project on 35mm.
  10. Yup, my experience to a T. Also if anyone on this thread is interested, the specialty lens rental house Old Fast Glass (@old_fast_glass) is hosting a discussion on their Instagram tomorrow 5/26 at 5:30pst on their new set of rehoused Canon glass that was used on AotD as well as the cinematography of the film, might pick up some fun facts.
  11. I watched it last night and I wouldn’t call the focus dead on every time by a long shot, I’m a focus puller by trade but even my friends that aren’t in film were complaining about how shallow and often out things were. Lots of questionable splits and on the fly corrections as well, something tells me Zack isn’t an easy guy to pull for.
  12. There’s a 4 perf moviecam superamerica on eBay for 3500 right now- bncr mount but still pretty hard to beat for that price.
  13. I think Charles Pickel over at Serious Gear can do it but I haven’t personally spoken to him about it so not 100 percent on that.
  14. In my experience Tvlogic will be the most accurate of the around 1k brands, echoing what others have said here in that Atomos and smallhd are super solid picks for high bright but tend to sacrifice color and tonal accuracy for a high nit count, if you’re looking for the absolute full stop for an on camera calibrated monitor Flanders makes a 9inch that’s pretty heavy but also dead on and can be sent to FSI for lifetime calibrations, this is also the most expensive option. Personally I’d be looking at tvlogic VFM-058 or 55s for 5 inch or tvlogic LVM-074 for a 7 inch, also smallhd has somewhat recently added a setting called studio mode which isn’t really any more accurate but tends to tone down the more egregious settings.
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