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  1. Hi! So as a first AC myself it’s a little worrisome that some of that gear is out of the umbrella of expertise for your AC, there really isn’t anything here I would consider “specialized gear” so without wanting to throw anybody’s name on the line I might start reaching out to other AC’s that would also be willing to jump on the prep or at least has solid answers for your gear based inquiries. Also as an AC it’s so important for me to hammer home the importance of a good camera prep, this is where you find out if all of your gear can talk, write, shoot, heck even turn on- there’s a re
  2. Does exposure count? Producers have been trying that one for years.
  3. Transylvania Film and Tv Corp in Burbank have specialized in tripod repair for some years now and are kind of the gold standard in the LA market at least.
  4. This was the hardest I’ve laughed all week.
  5. The orange sync light staying on definitely leads me to believe the motor needs some degree of work, I can also vouch for Bernie as he fully CLA’ed my ACL 1. Jaeger connectors are a pain but get in contact with Jean Louis Seguin on this forum, he just made two new jaeger to xlr cables for my ACL not more than three months ago or so. Good luck, it’s a fun little camera.
  6. 150mm ball heads are no joke, Sachtler has a couple that are rated to handle payloads in the 120 lb+ range, that being said that sirui is not something I’d wager can handle anywhere near that. Also just a note on VCT plates, they experience a good amount of wear and tear from the constant click in/out and do tend to get loose on you after awhile, not something that can’t be maintained but they definitely have their downsides.
  7. Do you have any footage from the SR3 or any 16mm shot on these Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes, the calling vs asking thing is critical, I remember a particularly maddening feature shoot that was non union but somehow SAG so they would call Grace for talent literally every day even though there was no benefit to any BTL crew member, they thought it was a mutiny when we all docked them for six extra hours per week but they stopped the funny timekeeping as well, sometimes you’ve just gotta say no- glad I’m not the only one.
  9. Hi Kenny, it looks like you’re in Los Angeles, first of all meal penalties only apply to union contracts, if you’re in the nonunion world you’re just an employee meaning yes you are correct- legally you must be broken by hour 6- the caveat here is that if you are not then you get a “penalty” but it’s not calculated like union penalties, it does not accrue and the total penalty is equal to one additional hour of your rate, no matter how long over that 6 hour mark you eat. Fun fact, calling grace is also exclusive to union shows and there are no California labor laws I am aware of that allo
  10. Great note, it struck me as odd that Arri would gimp the scroll wheel like that- although admittedly as I’m a first and not an op most of my time with the vf is spent at prep and doing quick adjustments on set. I love the ergonomics of the mini but the camera assistant in me does miss how perfect the dumbside layout of the classic/xt was.
  11. There’s one on eBay right now that looks to be regular 16 with a 15-150, pretty reasonable starting bid too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eclair-ACL-II-16mm-Crystal-Sync-Camera-Kit-Angenieux-10-150mm-Lens/174604087954?hash=item28a736f292:g:~5QAAOSw2QpgCEGr
  12. Hi Alpha, The mini LF is a super solid camera that is basically a combination of the sensor of the LF (although not exactly) and the design philosophy of the Alexa mini which is a camera that’s been a pretty solid contender for about five years now. Arri is also a brand leader known for color reproduction which again, is super solid in the mini LF. As an AC, personally the only gripe I have with the mini LF is that the EVF scroll wheel has moved to the center making it impossible to scroll through selections while it’s flipped inwards, aside from this one quirk I think the mini LF is a su
  13. Great to know, thanks for the heads up!
  14. For reference, is this viewfinder orientable while still keeping the image erect? I have a couple old angeniuex Paris vfs and have wondered how this one is different but can’t find a ton of information online, appreciate any input!
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