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  1. Glad to help. As a note, the rope I recommended is a cable replacement rope, generally used as a wire rope replacement on winches. It's stretch is negligable, and it's load rated about 2x what the same sized cable is rated. Good luck. I've got a picture of a cable trolly I built that I'll post when I find it (or go take another one), designed for flying people.
  2. also starting digging and found this one here! http://episteme.arstechnica.com/groupee/fo.../m/738004934731
  3. You can purchase very smooth sheaves and bearings from Fenner Drives (http://www.fennerdrives.com/, Make sure you also get the correct spacers, as 17mm shaft is hard to work with). You can build a simple cablecam rig without any machining, using off the shelf parts. The specific design is up to you, but I suggest calling fenner for your sheaves, as they're smooth, high speed and high load, and synthetic, so they're quieter on cable. While it's more expensive, I also suggest using a synthetic 12 strand rope like Tech 12 (http://www.samsonrope.com/), as it will be quieter and have less vibration than steal cable. -Jason
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