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  1. Very good!! I loved the angles you used.
  2. Helo all you Grippies! I am looking for some advice on building a simple cable cam to get up close shots of mountain bikers. just a point to point, cameraman dangles below device type of thing. Any tips or maybe entire designs?
  3. Another good way is to use DigiEffects plugin for AE. Not sure of the name, but it looks pretty decent.
  4. does anyone know how i could dmake a low budget cablecam? Thanks, Dory
  5. Cool! I'd liike to hear more, send me an email @ dory@cdbproductions.net and we'll talk.
  6. I just cant seem to find them for sale anywhere but eBay, and I'd rather not use eBay. Does anyone have any sugjestions?
  7. Sounds like S8 or regular 8 may be the way to go.
  8. Harhar lol. Anyways, I wouldnt worrie about it, its not like there going to report you.
  9. If you send me a short clip of the part you want I MIGHT be able to do something with it in 3DS MAX. Another option (i persionaly LOVE this one) is to have some sort of neon light around the corners of a dorrway and throw some dust in it. its a hit or miss thing and works about 75% of thr time.
  10. Well, if I can find a way to pay for all the film and servaces, I think I'll be purchasing one of these little tanks from eBay :D !!!
  11. Yea that too... I found a place that runs $.16 per foot for processing, and a place thats about the same for stock. As far as film to DV conversion... I think a servace like http://www.videoconversionexperts.com/ would work just fine. All in all if I can get underwriting (the general way me and my co-workers do things) it should turn out nice.
  12. Hey gang, What are the main differances between super8 and 16mm?
  13. Thanks much! I think the only big problem for me is money for the stock.
  14. Hello, my name is Dory Breaux and I am independent action/extreme sports producer. I do most of my own everything, camera work, editing, directing and most anything else. Up untill now I've been using the local TV stations video equipment, and its been great. But I'm starting to realise that video just doesnt cut it in sub zero temperatures in snow, or most of the other situations I find myself in. I'm looking into 16mm because its been reccomended to me by many of my colaberators/acomplices. I found the K-3 on eBay and after a little research it looks like it may be a good choice. However, I have some (ok alot) of questions about the camera and 16mm in general. So, here goes nothing :D : 1. It looks like this camera is relitivly small, but how small is it? Would it fit into a standard sized back paco easily? 2. I read somewhere on these forums that it records around 20 seaconds per winde-up. This is ok, because generaly I only record about 5-15 seaconds at a time. But does it slow tword the end of this time period? 3. What is the loading proces like? I'm used to just ploping a minidv tape into the drive and being good to go. Is it a drag to load in lit cinditions, for example on a ski slope with hi-noon sun? I've heard that there are specific types of film made for situations like this. 4.How expensive is 16mm to develope? I've heard its not too cheap, but I'd like to get an idea of what "not too cheap" means. 5. Normaly I just run a mic back to the camera and into an XLR port. Whats the best way to record sound (yes I know what a slate is for) with the K-3? Just use a mini disk or DAT recorder and sync in Post? 6.What is the lense like that comes with the K-3? Eventualy I would plan to upgrade/expand my lense assortment, but for now I'd plan on just using the stock lense. 7. May sound like a stupid question, but how is exposure handled? Can you set it by looking through the VF. or do you need an external light reeder? 8 What is the best way/servace to convert film over to digital for editing? 9. How delecate is the k3? I mean, if I fell while doing a moving shot on skis and it fell on an ice patch, would the camera itself be dammaged badly? Thanks for bothering to read this, Dory
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