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  1. Still available. Get all four remaining filters (IRND 1.2, IRND 1.5, IRND 1.8 and T1) for €300 including shipping.
  2. Schneider 138mm round True Pola SOLD Buy the remaining four filters for only €400 including shipping.
  3. I have a few filters I no longer need, all in great condition: Tiffen 4x5.65: IRND 1.2 €150 IRND 1.5 €150 IRND 1.8 €150 T1 €100 Schneider 138mm round True Pola €100 Prices are + shipping and there is no VAT. Take all for €500 and I also include shipping Located in Stockholm, Sweden peter(at)milanov(dot)se
  4. New price: €1300 / $1500 including shipping.
  5. I´ve had a few questions regarding shipping quotes. So, to make this easy I will now include World wide shipping (FedEx) in the price. So, €1500 including shipping ($1700)
  6. For sale: Used Arri Amira BPA-3. Price €250 + shipping Used Arri Amira Anton/Bauer battery plate. Price €200 + shipping Located in Stockholm, Sweden (EU) Private sale, no VAT. Paypal prefered email: peter(at)milanov(dot)se
  7. I have an Arri CLM-4 motor kit (motor, 4 gears, Cable, 15mm reduction ring and bracket) for sale. In great working condition. Price € 1500 / US$ 1700 + shipping (25% VAT will be added if sold within the EU unless you can provide a valid VAT#) Located in Stockholm, Sweden (EU) peter(at)milanov(dot)se
  8. I have an Alexa Plus 4:3 kit for sale. Used by me only, no dryhire. Everything is in great working condition. Including: Camera body (2156h) Viewfinder 5x64Gb SxS Pro cards Viewfinder extension bracket Short and long viewfinder cable Wedge adapter Leveling Block Bridge plate adapter Light weight adapter Shoulder pad Long 19mm rods Medium 15mm and 19mm rods Short 15mm and 19mm rods Antenna Tools Hard case Located in Stockholm, Sweden Price $17500/€15000 including shipping (25% VAT will be added if sold within EU to a non VAT registered buyer) Payment using Banktransfer (or Paypal with an added 3.5% Paypal fee) Peter(at)milanov(dot)se
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