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  1. Hello, Guys do you know any modern recorder which can record D21 RAW signal? I have CODEX 3010 but for this recorder I don't have DOCK STATION, SAS CONNECTION DEVICE and MAC. Since I am Windows guy is it super annoying to get three devices to only for transferring files. I heard that Convergent Design have - ODYSSEY and APOLLO products is it suitable for D21?
  2. Hello,

    Do you still have ARRI SR1 for sale ?

  3. Hi, I am looking for very basic budget pack for Eclair ACL or NPR model. Budget 1k EUR If you have one to sell please contact me!
  4. Hi, Thanks for reply Phillip. I haven't heard anything about Logmar camera. I was just checking it and it looks superb. I like how they put registration pin system, but it will be to good to be true regarding price. Logmar should be very expensive camera. So better for me is to look at 16mm cameras. So if you have one for 1k euro with registration pin system I will buy it. It could be ECLAIR NPR or ACL model.
  5. Hi, I need professional advice which camera is more suitable for film making in Super 8 film format. Since I am super "GREEN" in film analogue production process. Basically I have two option to buy Beaulieu 4008 ZM2 and Leicina Special. I analyze some youtube super 8 footage of these cameras and get confused. My goal is to get as stable as possible footage regarding Super 8 jitter effect. As I understood the main problem regarding jitter in 8mm film that there is no crystal sync motor and pressure plate system that's why 8mm so shaky? Do you know any better cameras regarding more stable film footage? Beaulieu 4008 ZM2 footage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIxHf-AVy4E Leicina Special footage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGSI2HHnSog&t=29s
  6. Hi, I am looking for standard 16mm AATON LTR at very basic package. Tight budget. ~1k Eur Any suggestions?
  7. Hello, Guys do you have ARRI D21 RAW file to share. I need to test which software will open D21 raw file? If you have please share via WeTransfer event 5 sec. or 10 sec footage. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for comment. I was speak with CODEX guys and already solve the problem. Everything works fine. But I have other problem. I dont have DOCK station and cant transfare data from codex to PC. Is it possible to somehow connect device via Ethernet cable? Second question if I buy Dock transfare station for codex is it suitable to Windows user?
  9. I have a problem in connecting ARRI D21 and CODEX 3010 to record ARRIRAW format. My situation: I set ARRI D21 camera internal settings to ARRIRAW format, output HD-SDI1 frame rate 24fps. Then I set CODEX internal parameters: format ARRIRAW 2880 / 24fps. I connect camera and recorder with DUAL sdi cable in proper order A with 1 and B with 2. And then CODEX says "Input video signal wrong type: HD1080p@" I was readed ARRI D21 manual and setup, and connect system as it was showed in manual. I dont know where is the problem? What I do wrong? Looking forward. Please help me on this insulting case...
  10. Yes Gregg you are right. My heart is burning with passion regarding real Film. I very like one German cinematographer Fred Kelemen. He is a main cinematographer almost for all Bella Tar movies, which is super phenomenal at these days. Film is very special technology because of how cellulose is interact with light. It is a real chemical process and it is so beautiful to watch how light appears on screen it has a very subtle glowing. It almost like watch ink motion in the water but at very quick speed - light speed. While digital is very good at details but there is no light the light in digital just a white color which is not moving. If you watch carefully how appears light in film you notice that there is subtle non pronounced vibration which produced by not stable cellulose chemistry. While digital is dead you get the light in sensor and sensor sees it as a white color which is captured in still photo no light motion only white color gradient in still photos. Also the film produce natural texture grain which is phenomenal if you want to express aesthetics of nature. What we have in digital? :) Oh yeah imagine cinematographic style of plastic world of dead nature i will choose digital technology. But you see nowadays we have lack of physical contact between matter and consciousness. Every aspect of our life goes digital. That's why i like D21 because of it's subtle transformation between digital and film. Of course at the end of the day i get dead light aesthetics in D21 but machine itself was created to emulate FILM as close as possible so it has my sympathy. If i can i really want to go film but at this moment i cant. I have personal workflow specifics. I like to shoot multiple times to get a perfect shot. So digital is better at this case. But in the future i will definitely try film.
  11. I already have a chance to buy a ARRI D21 package from one source. With all necessary components, to shoot except lens for 3700K Euro. Package came with ATOMOS BLADE recorder. I think this is very reasonable price for ready to shoot package. What i need most after buying is lens and tripod. Lens - for start i can choose rehoused Carl Zeis or Helios, Jupiter PL mount lens for 200-500 Eur price range. Or i can buy XEEN 35mm 1.5F for 1600k eur, maybe Zeiss CP2 for 4,5k eur. Camera will be use mainly for independent film and art projects not for commercials. I love sony a6300 camera. It is a great beginner digital photography and videography camera for very good price. With this camera i was shooting and still shoot a lot. For example this shitty plastic peace: these beautiful characters was produced by my wife :) Also i have one short movie which was produced few years ago and was awarded by Lithuania ministry of culture :) At this summer i was shooting full length experimental movie with a6300 :)) and it was really challenging and i think i exceed all a6300 8 bit prospects. What i need most from my new future camera is uniqueness in technological image quality as much as possible. As i mentioned i want to run from plastic BM style to more natural digital motion style. And think that D21 is all about that. Any better suggestion for 3.7k euro ready to shoot pack ? Forget BM brand. I want technological drama. Just look at D21 the design itself it looks like ancient film production tool :)) At the end of the day there is no matter what camera you use it is all about idea, light, scenography, etc. But i have non logical inner opposition regarding all these user friendly BM, GH5 cameras. I want real technology drama. Just think about D21 spinning mechanical mirror shutter it is wonderful and so so beautiful idea:) I just love that camera you know you can't search for a logic in love. Talking about my background i finish Vilnius Academy Of Fine arts industrial product design department master course. That's why i love D21 not only for image production but as design product at that time. You can check my facebook profile "Andrius Zemaitis" go to timeline photos and you understand what image style i mostly like. All these photos was captured by digital a6300 :) Of course it is shitty photography but it was my beginners passion in cinematography sphere.
  12. BMPCC has a rolling shutter. Personally, i have a6300 and it's grate camera with very pleasant 4k quality. Have you ever tested personally D21 ? I don't care how D21 is not user friendly. What i like most is image quality comparing to 35mm film. Second thing is price. BlackMagic is very nice brand but simply image looks like plastic for me. Just look at this peace the motion, texture, and DR is superb. Low light example - I dont know how i should express in words but it is smth. special in ARRI d21 image. Of course it is same shittyy plastic but not as far as BM. David, can you help me find recorder for D21 which can handle ARRIRAW?
  13. I would like to buy Arri D21 only for artistic reasons. Personal i hate digital image. And hate all digital commercial poop. I don't like super clean aesthetics. It would be best for me to go real FILM but this costs even more. So that's why i like D21 because of subtle transformation between FILM and digital. Of course it can be smart ARRI marketing trick. But as far as i know D21 was created to emulate film style image as close as possible, including DR, NOISE, MOTION aspects. It would be great if you help me to find recorder witch can handle ARRIRAW instead of criticize me.
  14. Correct me if I wrong. D21: PROS 1) mechanical mirror shutter - no shutter artifacts, different motion in image? 2) optical viewfinder - zero delay, works without power and shows an image area outside the primary image 3) noiseless cooling system - good for external sound 4) 4:3 aspect ratio sensor - anamorphic 2.40:1 possibility 5) 2k ARRI RAW 6) cheap? CONS 1) lack of sensor sensitivity 11 stops 2) external recorder 3) not user friendly, big and heavy 4) old, lack of community support? can you describe F35?
  15. Thanks guys! Yes you all right. I know that D21 is not user friendly regarding recording and support in nowadays. But strictly my budget is to low for F35 or Alexa Classic. Regarding Black Magic yes it might be option. But for now i want to try find D21 with reasonable price. I keep in mind F35 since it's still quite good solution at my situation.
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