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  1. Dear friends, I have question regarding 35mm lens aperture on regular 16mm film camera. For example 35mm format lens aperture F2.8 is still same aperture on 16mm film camera ? If there is any degradation or increasion in terms of aperture? When I use a light meter do I need to calculate differently when I shoot with a 35mm format lens on a 16mm film camera? Or is it the same? Thanks. Kind regards Andrius
  2. Any advice guys? Maybe its just old condenser must be replaced?
  3. Hello, I have issue with my ARRI D21 camera. I try to describe problem as clear as possible. Problem: When I turn ON camera it start to booting. After 30-40 sec. of booting I got ERROR word in main camera LCD screen. Sometimes after few restarts the camera boots correctly. But when I start shutter and camera starts to record sometimes I get NO INPUT error in my ATOMOS BLADE recorder. Sometimes the camera working correctly and recorder catch the signal but after longer record it starts to loose signal. Sometimes I hear strange flickering noise inside the camera. I was trying to change HD-SDI cable and reset camera parameters via internal camera menu but that does not work. I get same problem again. I love my D21 its old but very good for my art house project. I do not have money to buy a new professional camera so I motivated to repair D21. I was contacted with ARRI but the repairs costs regarding symptoms is very pricey. Any advice what I can do guys? Thanks. Best regards Andrius ┼Żemaitis
  4. Can you tell what type of paint you use to cure the problem?
  5. I already contact and speak with Georg Bogner very good man he is an professional ARRI camera technician recommended by ARRI service itself. With his help I dismount the front tower of camera body and realize that the belt of the camera is damaged. So Georg will send me a new one. Other step I will get instructions from Georg how to put on the belt. So now I will wait for a belt. Hope there is only the belt problem. If you have some advice for me please help to resurrect this baby to life ­čÖé
  6. Hello, I have an issue with ARRI SR2 when I start the camera motor seems ok and spinning but shutter is not spinning. What is the case? Is it pricey to repair? I live in Lithuania. Maybe you know guys where I can find budget friendly service for ARRI Sr ? Please help! Best regards Andrius ┼Żemaitis
  7. Hello, I have just purchased ARRI SR2 from ebay. Overall camera is in nice mechanical condition but there is a WHITE DIRT in magazine. Is it possible to clean? Is it very bad situation? Is it possible to work run film with such a magazine ? Same situation is near mirror shutter on plastic cone. The viewfinder is also a bit foggy. Can you recommend some tips how I can clean by myself without service?
  8. Hello, Guys do you know any modern recorder which can record D21 RAW signal? I have CODEX 3010 but for this recorder I don't have DOCK STATION, SAS CONNECTION DEVICE and MAC. Since I am Windows guy is it super annoying to get three devices to only for transferring files. I heard that Convergent Design have - ODYSSEY and APOLLO products is it suitable for D21?
  9. Hello,

    Do you still have ARRI SR1 for sale ?

  10. Hi, I am looking for very basic budget pack for Eclair ACL or NPR model. Budget 1k EUR If you have one to sell please contact me!
  11. Hi, Thanks for reply Phillip. I haven't heard anything about Logmar camera. I was just checking it and it looks superb. I like how they put registration pin system, but it will be to good to be true regarding price. Logmar should be very expensive camera. So better for me is to look at 16mm cameras. So if you have one for 1k euro with registration pin system I will buy it. It could be ECLAIR NPR or ACL model.
  12. Hi, I need professional advice which camera is more suitable for film making in Super 8 film format. Since I am super "GREEN" in film analogue production process. Basically I have two option to buy Beaulieu 4008 ZM2 and Leicina Special. I analyze some youtube super 8 footage of these cameras and get confused. My goal is to get as stable as possible footage regarding Super 8 jitter effect. As I understood the main problem regarding jitter in 8mm film that there is no crystal sync motor and pressure plate system that's why 8mm so shaky? Do you know any better cameras regarding more stable film footage? Beaulieu 4008 ZM2 footage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIxHf-AVy4E Leicina Special footage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGSI2HHnSog&t=29s
  13. Hi, I am looking for standard 16mm AATON LTR at very basic package. Tight budget. ~1k Eur Any suggestions?
  14. Hello, Guys do you have ARRI D21 RAW file to share. I need to test which software will open D21 raw file? If you have please share via WeTransfer event 5 sec. or 10 sec footage. Thanks.
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