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  1. Dear Readers, Available and offering 21/22 years of American Cinematographer magazine, complete in 2 boxes. Spanning one of the most exciting periods in recent cinematographic history: describing the transition from analog to full digital (almost). Available in my hometown Haarlem, The Netherlands. ++31620845845 bart[at]bartvanbroekhoven.com
  2. Yes, true, that's a good one. They have moved to The Hague. Here's threir website: http://www.super8.nl/english/e_index.htm These images (from the rushes for a short we shot, called "Worn Out") -- on the same stock -- were processed there: "Worn Out"/Best Light Scan shot on 7280 (frame-enlargements on my site here)
  3. I don't think Windows 'stinks' (either). And (as a cinematographer) I don't care about that, that much. Almost everybody knows that we're doing best using the benefits of both platforms. Besides that I know (from personal experiences) that the latest generation of Mac products (the Mac Book Pro for example) comes with a lot of problems. Wouldn't judge it as 'dump' though, it just needs to be fixed. I am not interested in problems, but in people helping out making things work. The Focus Puller 'pulls focus', the Loader takes care of the Data storage, the editor and colorist prepare the Raw data for further enhancements. When it works, it works. And this SI-2K works fine! So why bother about Windows? Just wouldn't connect the camera to the internet and only use legal software updates, to prevent viruses running the system down. To me what counts is what the camera allows you to do with it, as a cinematographer.
  4. Windows is not nesseceraly worse! Si's choice probably is based upon combining best of both worlds - which is the future anyway - and reflects the philosophy behind it, the Joint Venture with p+s. But no worries, I've seen it work in FCP. Besides, to my experience you will not need to use the onboard software that much. All it does is interprete the Raw data. And I don't understand - maybe somebody else does - why do that on set? Furthermore the camera is pretty good, and feels nice (whilst handholding). The Optical Viewfinder option is great (and due to the very poor quality of the electric finder not a luxery at all: it strobes and makes it hard to judge focus accurately). And the option to disconnect the lens and reconnect it via a wire begs for some daring experiments! Great camera for documentaries. More experiences: http://www.pachacinema.com/portal1/index.p...2&ltemin=39
  5. Kevin, Did you end up using DI before release? And if so: what grid did you work on? And did you calculate on that specific grid during shooting (for example knowing to go trough a 4K DI, allowing you to get more detail out of the neg. - or 2K, which probably wouldn't allow you to fully explore the stocks contrast-ratio - not to mention a - at least here in Holland - not uncommon HD DI!)? Just wondering about your experiences about that... reg. Bart
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