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  1. It's really nice to see 100% coverage viewfinders trickling down the range, maybe one day they'll be commoplace in all DSLRS. As for me, I'll keep saving for the A900, a DSLR should be a stills camera, IMO. When I want footage I'll use a camcorder/Super 8.
  2. But it surely can't for selling toilet bowls, or coffins, or pet insurance! They're probably the only things that tactic - if you can call it that - doesn't work on. :D
  3. That relaxed Hawaii lifestyle seems to have given this chap too much spare time! I can see it working with a car...but it just looks idiotic with cameras...however this lot does stand out from the crowd considerably, which it what you want on eBay. All the best to him!
  4. Hi! I've been away from the forum a while now (I've been really engrosed in digital stills photography recently - won my first competition recently!!). Anyway, a question had been eating me up a bit, and it's a big 'un, since I've been using DSLR's I've come to appreciate the merits of high magnification/high coverage in taking an image. I was interested what sort of magnification/coverage Super 8 cameras tend to offer, because of the tiny image area I'd image magnification factors are pretty high 2x-5x would be my area of estimation, but what was the coverage, I know SLR's around the 1960's to early 1980's only offered around 71-93% coverage generally (with the odd 100% exception), but Super 8 camera may well be different for all I know. Thanks a lot for any feedback! ;)
  5. Hoping and praying that everyone living near the site of the fire site recovers all their property, and is OK.
  6. It's still terribly sad to this day.
  7. Thanks for the wonderful forum, and for all it's done to benefit my life, and the lives of so many others. God bless, and here's to many more years!! :lol:
  8. Hope you have a good one!! ;)
  9. My little Canon has a flip close...I'd imagine any self-respecting 16 or 35mm camera maker would add them to all it's models.
  10. A modular system like the RED would be good for 35mm (and much cooler B) ). If you couldn't afford a certain part buy a cheaper one, and upgrade when you can, it would be great if it went together like Lego so that you could replace or upgrade the camera with having to book an appointment with a highly expensive servicer.
  11. Affordability. 35mm movie cameras are SO expensive new. How about something like that Ikonoskop 16, it probably wouldn't work out costing much more. And 100% viewfinder coverage should always be essential. What you see in the viewfinder should be what you get.
  12. Wow! That is the sort of mind-twisting brillian humour comedians must strive for for years!
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