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    eye lights

    I know that during the production of 'The Lord of the Rings' DP Andrew Lesnie rigged up christmas fairy lights behind camera when he was shooting a close up of Cate Blanchett's character to give her an otherworldly quality in her eyes.
  2. i've got no idea what stock or cameras were used but it was shot on 35mm, so that answers part of your question. try the us.imdb.com page on the film, you might be able to find some more info there.
  3. I have got access to a nikon D100, would that work? Matt
  4. thanks for the advice, I will certainly bear it in mind
  5. Hey guys. I am shooting a short stop-motion film and obviously want to shoot on 35mm. Obviously I can't afford to buy a 35mm movie camera nor can I afford to rent one for the time it will take to shoot the film, but I think I have come up with a solution and need you guys to check it for flaws. So here goes. I think I may be able to utilise my Nikon F5 stills camera, if I buy a bulk loader so that I can load 100ft at a time and shoot the film one frame at a time as per the norm. I would then get the film developed and scan it into my computer at low resolution, giving me a simple digital version of the film so that I can create the soundtrack, could I then have an optical sound print and another print of the film made and combined, giving me a 35mm print, right? Can anyone see any problems there? Obviously I will still have to pay for film, developing, prints etc but it should work out a darn sight cheaper than hiring or buying a 35mm movie camera. Thanks guys
  6. I am UK based cinematographer and I am currently looking for work, I specialise particularly in black and white, but anything that is needing to be dark with lots of contrast between light and shadow, I'm the man. Showreel and CV can be sent out on request. Please contact me about your project if you think I fit the bill. Thanks Matthew Duriez matthewduriez16@aol.com
  7. I was just wondering if the 16:9 chip in the canon XL1s gives you true 16:9 or not??? I'm sure there's somebody out there who can answer my question
  8. I know of a feature shot entirely on S8, it's an Australian film called "In my image" there's an interesting website at: In my image
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