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  1. hey guys this is my reel i have somewhat hastily put together to submit for a couple of internships. i need to pretty much have it finalized by tonight. please be as honest as possible in your thoughts and let me know what you think should be changed. http://www.theskatekitchen.com/reel_13promo_Copy001.mov
  2. awesome. i will give you guys a call later on today. thanks.
  3. Joe Bressler

    frame discreet

    hi i am shooting a project and i need to have the film in and out as quickly as possible with good results i am in cleveland and frame discreet is one of the better "main" houses that is closer to me in comparison to the rest. my concern is dealing with customs/border patrol and paying duties and all that. has anyone been in a similar situation? how long did shipping usually take? i am probably going to pay to have the film 1-2 day rush transferred. i know most houses have a minimum cost but i did discreet's 'film cost calculator' and it did not appear there was one. is this true? i am hoping to have the film back in under two weeks from when i ship it out. is this realistic? thanks and take care
  4. thanks a lot. for right now, im going to take my chances (starving artist)
  5. Hey... I've got a k-3 camera and an old tripod i was using for 8mm shots before i got into 16mm. the old tripod has a screw mount that is not the same thread size as the k-3. i have noticed this same phenomenon with other people's tripods as well. i was wondering what other k-3 owners do about this? does anyone have any suggestions for tripods that work well with the k-3? thanks and take care
  6. looks soooo good man. made me super psyched on shooting some more. what film stock was that?
  7. oh man, haha. i thought he was comparing the US to the UK saying the US had less transfer houses than the UK. It was too early for me.
  8. not quite sure what you are talking about, there are tons of places in the US to have film transferred, unless you are speaking of somewhere else..
  9. last thing, do most films come in daylight loading spools?
  10. cool, thanks for the quick reply. figured it had to be some sort of mix-up. will also look into that light meter
  11. Okay, I posted a while back about getting into 16mm... was in a dilemma over which camera to get. well, I ended up ordering the krasnogorsk-3. I am now in the process of ordering my first roll of film and a light meter. I found this site ( http://www.tapesuperstore.com/kovi50d72.html ) where i can order the film i need but the ordering process is quite confusing, which leads to my first question: if anyone has used this site before, do you only order one quantity, or do you order 100? because in my first attempt to order 100' of film it looked like it was about to charge me for only 1'. secondly, i am looking for good light meter recommendations, i was recommended a sekonic model but i was looking for something (hopefully) cheaper?? thanks and take care
  12. nice, some good info floating around here. never knew there were people on here that did skate videos too. K-3 sounds like a good camera and i've read a little into that one too. might be the best choice for me. does it have the reflex function? sounds very appealing to me after dealing with my nizo super 8 camera which is more often than not very unreliable when it comes to exposure.
  13. Hey. I'm looking into breaking into the 16mm format and I have one thing that's really been bugging me. I am looking at buying a camera but I am not sure if I want to drop 400+ dollars on a Bolex right away. I have been browsing ebay and finding what seem to be lower end cameras by Bell & Howell and Kodak that are going for much more reasonable prices. I'm just a kid and am running on a very limited budget (processing and telecine are already gonna kill me here). Are these lower ends going to be significantly 'worse' than the bolex? If so, in what way, and is it worth investing in them? I am generally looking for good image quality and flexibility in film speed (above 24fps is a must) as well as the ability to do interval recording. Take care.
  14. hey im new here; this is a promotional piece for an indie-skateboarding film i am working on. this includes basicly the first super 8 footage i have shot and is mainly what i am looking for critique on. critique on the video footage would be nice as well but if you are unfamiliar with skateboard videography it may not be necessary. thanks http://www.theskatekitchen.com/v1/video/st...and_shrines.mov
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