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  1. Liked it alot. Especially the sunset and stars.
  2. "When I first got into filmmaking over a decade ago, one of my first purchases was Douglas' book, on the recommendation of Mitch Gross, IIRC. Think I got it from Visual Products at the time. It's a great reference and really does answer alot of newbie questions. Best, -Tim Read more: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=54285#ixzz1gWwpRBHO" -I definitely agree.
  3. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/entertainmentnewsbuzz/2011/12/digital-projectors-poised-to-take-over-the-world-by-2015.html Does this impact film vs. digital filmmaking?
  4. FYI Wiki has a large list of recent and not so recent films shot in Super-16MM. See link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Films_shot_in_Super_16
  5. Best of luck with everything John! You are in our prayers.
  6. The first five minutes looks good. I like the title sequence. You might have something there. Good luck.
  7. John, You are certainly in our prayers and thoughts. Get well soon. Lionel Pina
  8. WOW! You are very talented! Your instincts are right on. Continue to follow them. I like the name of your film company. But the question is not... if everyone likes it. What do you feel? It's good to be open to other's opinions. But ultimately as an artist, which you certainly are, you have to listen to and trust your own instincts, feelings...etc. . You display that important quality in your reel. Lionel Pina
  9. ALIVE! Who knows what the future brings...but super 8 works fine online. Look at the "Please critique my work" section of this forum for a recent work. Or see it here: http://democratfilm.angeltowns.net/Savonarolafilm.html
  10. Just worked on Dick Wolf's new show "Conviction", they use the Panavision Genesis. There was at least one scene shot where there was so little light used, I don't believe you would have gotten much of an image on film. Results from the Panavision Genesis set up are pretty impressive to me. I had screened the first/pilot episode on a large screen TV and didn't realize that I was viewing HD, until I got to the set.
  11. Thank you sir. Your answer is very helpful. -How about the 16x9 vs. the 4x3 issue? BTW it is an outdoor scene that will probably be filmed at night with low lighting. Although day for night is being considered. The film camera will contain Kodak 5218/7218.
  12. I'm shooting a new first scene for an already shot feature that was shot in Mini-DV. I want to use a r 16 camera, in this case acting as a "B" cam to suplement coverage for a feature that was shot on mini-dv (16x9). The "A" cam will be a Panasonic DVX 100 AG utilizing 24p mode. The "B" cam will either be my Eclair ACL(1.5, w/ the better sync motor) or My Soopic M. Both are regular 16MM. The "B" cam footage will be slated to be used partially for slowmotion stuff but not entirely. My questions are: -Should I bother bringing the film "B" cams? -Will it match up if the film footage is edited in with the video footage? -Can the telecine process help this? Because the director just signed a movie deal with a studio, the feature is probably slated for direct to video/dvd release after playing at 3 or so film festivals. We don't have much of a budget($) at this point though.
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