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  1. If I DIE like that poor people by their SIDE, it would be an HONOR for me to do so... Instead of of dying like a old sack of wine in the comfort of my home...that I don't have anymore BTW... So what do I care of dying anyways?... CR.
  2. Hi Chris, Do you think that I am doing this for MY exposure? My God... MOST people just don't care for the 25,000 that DIE every single day of HUNGER in the world do they? I don't think that NO ONE wants to watch how they die...they prefer to talk about their STUPID toys all day long instead... This world SUCKS BIG time! CR.
  3. A Nobel Peace Prize for the World's "Poorest" President? CR.
  4. Executive Producer title included for the one that funds the campaign in full $30,000 USD. CR.
  5. Please guys, help us if you CAN: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/3-d-documentary-about-hunger-in-the-world Thank you, Cesar Rubio Guadalajara, Mexico http://dream-genesis.org/ It's the long term experience of problem solving what makes you successful! & what we do in life, echoes in eternity.
  6. Please guys, help us if you CAN: http://igg.me/p/344106/x/2474053 Thank you, Cesar Rubio Guadalajara, Mexico http://dream-genesis.org It's the long term experience of problem solving what makes you successful! & we do in life, echoes in eternity.
  7. It seems that 3-D is "dead" here....just go to the 3-D section. That is why I stopped posting here a few months ago...nobody cares it seems. But I am also amazed in how almost nobody cares with digital capture either (I remember those flame wars against Red back on the day). Maybe this is a FILM guys board mostly? The new Sony F55 is an excellent camera, and yet I don't see much interest in it here either... You can not change the world, can you? BTW, I now mostly participate in the Linkedin Group "Stereoscopic 3-D Professionals Worldwide"...go ask the same to the more than 10,000 members there! :-) Cesar Rubio. http://dna-rubio-s3d.com/
  8. Cesar Rubio

    New Forum

    Hi: I want to invite you all to join our new forum. It's mainly for the use of MVC's for Stereoscopic 3-D Cinematography. Thanks and I will be waiting for you "on the other side"! http://www.dna-rubio...forum/index.php Cesar Rubio D&A Rubio Stereo 3-D Fort Atkinson Wisconsin USA http://www.dna-rubio-s3d.com/
  9. Cesar Rubio


    This is kind of a little bit off topic...but not completely. Here is an interesting prediction of Mr. Isaac Asimov in the impact of Internet and learning! Oh boy was he right on the money! That man was truly a visionary. http://youtu.be/8ZmFEFO72gA I probably would have never learned what I know now about Stereo 3-D without forums like this one! Cesar Rubio D&A Rubio Stereo 3-D Fort Atkinson Wisconsin USA http://dna-rubio-s3d.blogspot.com/
  10. Here is our new blog: http://dna-rubio-s3d.blogspot.com/ Is the continuation of my book research so to speak: http://archive.org/d...ic3-dCinemaV2.0 http://www.stereosco...esar-rubio.html http://www.3dcenterusa.com/index.html Thanks, Cesar Rubio D&A Rubio Stereo 3-D Fort Atkinson Wisconsin USA http://dna-rubio-s3d.blogspot.com/
  11. Cesar Rubio


    Here in our new blog you can see updates with new information besides the one included in our book, and new MVC's 3-D Cinema systems: http://dna-rubio-s3d.blogspot.com/ Thanks, Cesar & Heidi Rubio.
  12. This is how you calculate the lp/mm lens needed for any given lens. "A Line Pair per Millimeter (LP/MM) specification provides the resolution properties of a lens and can be used to help select the correct lens for your camera. LP/MM determines the smallest width of a pair of adjacent pixels that can be resolved by the lens..." "...To calculate the LP/MM needed for a given camera, divide the width or height of the sensor in pixels by the physical width or height of the sensor in millimeters, then divide this number by 2. Dividing by 2 is necessary because LP/MM is defined for 2 adjacent pixels (a line pair)." Pixels per chip width / width / 2 = LP/MM So for a 2k sensor with 5.5 microns pixel size the width is 11.264mm -2048x0.0055- 2048/11.264/2=90.9 lp/mm. The Kowa megapixel line is good enough...no need for the 10MP more expensive line. http://www.machinevi...log/Details/128 CR.
  13. Here is a very good explanation about the “megapixel” lens for MVC's.... The Rule of thumb is: The smaller the pixel size, the better lens you need! But this video from 1st Vision clearly shows that some manufacturers ratings of 1MP, 5MP and 10 MP are not necessary true! My advice, make your own tests. http://tinyurl.com/cqg87xl Thanks, CR.
  14. See this interesting 3-D rig with two Flare 2K cameras and a Gemini 3-D Recorder, since the Flares are “smart” cameras they can be controlled with the remote control and bypass the use of a laptop or computer: https://picasaweb.google.com/117102957642252969487/Flare2KGemini3D Hopefully the Gemini 3-D will work with the still in development Flare 4K cameras…but I doubt it since they will output a massive Uncompressed Raw amount of data! Maybe one recorder per camera? http://ioindustries.com/cameras-2/ http://www.convergent-design.com/Products/Gemini444.aspx Thanks, Cesar Rubio.
  15. Cesar Rubio


    Here is the HQ version: http://archive.org/details/Stereoscopic3-dCinemaV2.0 The book has been downloaded 300 times in just one place alone, and that reminds me of the movie 300. I am extremely happy, and I hope that the book will inspire the new generation (and maybe the old one too) of 3-D Cinematographers. Also my wish is that MVC manufacturers, recording software developers and portable recorders makers, continue improving their products taking into account 3-D Cinema needs. This market is very important since Cinema inspire people all over the world, so it might be even more important that just production inspection in a factory…which is important too of course. That’s all from me, sorry for so many comments. Thanks to all, that has downloaded the book! Cesar Rubio.
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