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  1. Noah, I think you have some strong stuff in there. Some very nice lighting. Also, it all seems to be of really good quality (i myself have problems editing with both HD and older 35mm stuff and have it both look good in the same timeline). It does feel a bit slow. Maybe just faster cuts or music wouldn't make it seem as long? I think that 2 minutes is a good length, but maybe there wasn't enough variety in the beginning so it felt longer than it is.
  2. Hi there, Would love to hear any and all feedback regarding my new website and cinematography reel(s). Never really asked for a critique before so I welcome any comments. Also, my web skills are somewhat limited so any glitches you find, feel free to let me know. www.natashabedu.com Thank you in advance! Natasha
  3. We're going for the specific look that anamorphic lenses give (flares, focus, etc) so its not just for the aspect ratio. I've tried to research how they did it on Ché but i'm getting no answers. Anyone have any idea? Anyone? (crickets...)
  4. Hi there, Currently in the middle of testing the Red (build 20) with Anamorphic lenses. Post production dept. is having problems unsqueezing the images. Does anyone know what settings should have on the camera and what post should be doing to make sure the footage is the right size? When they ran the footage through red rushes, final cut had problems with the squeeze and when using new software called Red Rocket and Cine X, it's cropping the top and bottom. Is this a camera issue or a post issue? Thanks in advance!
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