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  1. Hej Marcel, Thanks a lot for the info it will be very helpful. Nice to hear that you liked the Tryg tvc, i'll learn the music track and will let you know. Best, burak
  2. Hi all, I'm just moving out for a commercial shoot in Kenya, equipment is coming from South Africa and i'm taking my 1st Ac with me. I have a chopper shoot with nose mount and quad bike shots. The co-prod company is Blue sky film which seems very good till this point. Anybody having experience shooting in Kenya i'll be glad to receive some comments. Any security issues or diseases that we should be informed of...thanks best,
  3. Hi Megan, Some of the crew is from the old Russia, but they dont do lots of work so they are not very energetic. But they surely have the discipline and good altitude, there's not good equipment in the meaning of lights and etc. Keeping calm with good vibes of energy will let you have good relation with the crew. I use to have some telephone numbers of crews there but i should check if i still keep them. Good Luck
  4. Hi all, Dp is the one who creates the atmosphere and exposure before anything comes to post production steps, it's the mood we play with by style of exposure lightning and other tools. I have been working with many tc operators and senior colorists, what i prefer is non-ego colorists so we can collaborate and get the creative point higher, get the ideas from the colorists share discuss and create the best for the project together.
  5. I'm shooting commercials in India a lot, so maybe i can help you trough...(i'm not Indian) A.Burak Turan Milano +905322734777
  6. Dear David, Thanks a lot for your reply, it's clear for me now. :) A.Burak Turan www.burakturan.com +905322734777
  7. Hi everybody i'm on the way to shoot a feature film i need a dp deal memo (contract) to sign with the production company. I'll be glad if you can help me trough this. Thanks a lot... A.Burak Turan dOp
  8. Hi, I'm on the way to buy sunpath calculator, any recommendations. I have also seen a software for it which is more useful any advanced users please drop me few lines about it. I'll be using it in Europe and India area. A.Burak Turan +905356681862 Cinematographer Europe Based
  9. Hi Steven, The first thing comes to my mind is what are you shooting ? so after that it'll be much more easier to go on. Because last week i have been shooting in a desert area in India (igatpuri) very strong sunlight all we need was hursh strong sunlight with good contrast i have done some test shots with and without diffusions, at the end i was very very pleased to have the 12 toplight witout any diffusion with 50d film...so maybe you'll need something like that for creativity. A.Burak Turan Cinematographer Based in Europe +905356681862
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