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  1. Thank you Dennis for your detailed advice, and links. I hope the films you have had scanned haven't been affected by other films that may have VS. My reel fits in my freezer, but once it's in a can and bag(s), it prob won't, so I'm thinking I'm stuck with a vented, polyproylene can from Bags Unlimited will have to do. I may be able to store in a basement.
  2. Thank you Evan for the detailed freezer packaging option. I like that idea and will prob go that route. This is a 15" reel, not sure if it will fit in a Zip Lock bag.
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies. I've shoot lots of S8, but don't have any experience with 50 year old 16mm film. The film has been in my garage the last few days and not enclosed in a can etc. The odor went from terribly pungent to a faint glue smell. I'm thinking if I get a vented, plastic can and store it in a basement (cooler temps) it might be ok. Thanks, Jason
  4. I realize the documentary itself is not rare, but I've never seen a print for sale. And from what I know, Granada is not known for letting prints out of their vaults. I agree, one reel is not worth buying rewind-gear. Although I do have a handful of Super 8 reels (non commercial). Just mainly wondering if the film is on borrowed time. Is it absolutely doomed once VS is evident, even only a slight odor, or is it only going to survive if stored in the best possible conditions, and if so, then yes I'll return for a refund.
  5. Hi Mark, Since the film is released on dvd and BD I admit it's a little less appealing to keep an actual print, esp if it means the extra hassle of cold storage & annual unwinding. I was thinking about a 4K scan for my own entertainment, no distribution as the official BD is only 1080p . I'm torn as I still have the return option for a refund, or take chance and hope I store properly and the current light VS odor won't turn to an unusable print. Stupid question: how to go about unwinding w/o any equipment?
  6. Hi Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Thanks for your reply. I bought a film called "The Doors Are Open" a 1968 BBC film about The Doors' visit to the UK. I still have time to return for a full refund, but being a big fan, and a film buff it's the perfect collectable. I may have room in my fridge to store. But if I do, should I not get a vented plastic can? (food/liquid spillage). If I store in a closet, I was thinking vented for sure? The print currently looks beautiful. No shrinkage, warp, nothing. Just a slight VS odor. Of coarse the seller says it didn't have VS when listed. Jason
  7. Hello, Recently purchased a 16mm print with slight vinegar syndrome. Need suggestions for low-budget storage. In researching I ran across a few options: 1) plastic, vented, film can 2) placing sieves (silica gel) inside can 3) storing in fridge (no room in my freezer). One site says safety film needs to breath, yet also suggests possibly sealing film inside a moisture proof polyethylene bag (food saver). Recommend un-winding from head to tail once every six months? (I don’t have a projector or additional reel; how is this accomplished)? Should I purchase AD strips? Film is currently on reel with no can. I plan on having it scanned at 4K one day. Thank you~ Jason
  8. Ya know, I thought I was nuts. Because I was also wondering if it was possible to transfer my crystal clear (yet sterile) digital miniDV footage to Super 8. I shoot my buddies band in bars/clubs a lot (see my post "filming live band in bars") lol because usally it's too dark for Super 8, yet my 3-chip miniDV footage looks great in the same club. I would much rather shoot Super 8 for that organic look. So I would like to somehow transfer my properly exposed digital tape to film, then back to miniDV tape to edit NLE style.
  9. Yeah, I had my fingers crossed at the tune of $200 even with Tri-x, but I didn't have it wide open though...maybe I'll save the 100D for outside stuff and break down and buy 500T for this event. Thanks guys for your help. Much appreciated!
  10. The reason I'm not using 500T is I have a guy that go through for my telecine, and I'm pretty sure his Workprinter does reversals only. Although he did scan a negative and "flipped" the image with ok results. I was thinking I need to shoot at 24 fps to keep the sound in sync? The band probably won't care about the grain, but I will, so are you saying 500T is my best option?
  11. Hello all, I plan on filming my buddy's band early next month with the new 100D. I have a Canon 1014xls & 814xls. They are playing at 8pm so it will still be light outside but they will be in a pavilion with litte light coming in. I know my exposure will read in the red/below 1.4 f stops. Do you recommend using the manual exposure mode and cranking it all the way open or using auto exposure and changing my exposure compensation dial to two-thirds or even one complete f-stop? I've seen Youtube videos with other people filming bands in bars and am amazed at how good their exposure looks and they were not even using a "xl" camera or negative stock like 500T. Does changing the exposure dial add grain? Any help would be much appreciated. I've already filmed these guys at a bar with these cameras using Tri-x and the image was way too dark and unusable.
  12. Thanks for the tread link. Sorry for missing it, I think I had my head up my ass.
  13. Hello, I'm sure this has been talked about, and I searched for older threads here and looked up this in Google but couldn't find anything. Anyone have any info on video assists/taps for our dear super 8 cameras? I'd like to read up and learn how they work, and if I could make one myself or buy a kit...anything.
  14. I know opinions are like ass*****, but I think Fuji Velvia 50D is far better looking than 64T. When people call it DisneyChrome, it seems like a cut, but who wants stale colors?. The colors are far warmer and breath taking than 64T. I love Kodak products, but for color reversal Fuji 50D is the way to go. Unless they bring back 7240.
  15. When you frame it in your viewfinder with widescreen in mind, knowing you are going to crop the top and botton 10% (+/-), do you pan-out, or not zoom-in too close to the subject for fear of cutting off too much of the image? And I assume the subject really has to be centered when you crop a 4x3 image to 16x9? cute kiddie by the way!
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