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  1. Hello, I'm shooting a short next week and will be using a 4kw HMI. As far as generators goes, the producer of the shoot is trying to find a way to rent one cheaply and it was a thought to get a 6Kw monophase generator from a construction rental place. I've been told that it would work fine with an HMI as long as the ballast is electronic and not magnetic. Just wanted to post this to see if anyone else has done this before or if I'm making a grave mistake. It can be a bit difficult to get information where I am... As I'm in France and do not speak french. Thanks for any info - Brandon
  2. Stephen Soderberg directed and DP'd most of his films didn't he?
  3. Ok got it! for 50 ASA at an F8 I need around 400 footcandles, unless I'm mistaken. So with the different lens options that allows me a margin of between 25 and 150 ft outside the cafe. Thanks! - Brandon
  4. I don't know exactly what light I will rent yet, but I was thinking a 4k HMI with some optional lenses. For the inside I would just have on hand kinos and smaller tungsten units for fill, eye lights, focus areas, etc. but I want the main source to be from the HMI placed outside. But thanks for the link, I'll check it out. - Brandon
  5. Just a quick question that I'm sure some of you know right off the top of your heads. I'm going to be shooting a 4k HMI through the windows of a cafe. Going next week to scout the cafe and was thinking about the distance I need outside the cafe to place the light. I'd like a stop of around a 5.6 to an 8 inside the cafe. I know there's probably some sort of formula for this, but I'm not sure of what it is. Thanks for any advice. - Brandon
  6. I'm a film student my self, so I can only reply based on my own bit of expeience with shooting, testing, and speculative conversations with my peers and professors. I'm always so impressed every time I put the latitude of vision 2 stock to the test. Though I've never shot it with super 8, I imagine the latitude is only slightly less that with 16mm... Only due to the fact that the image is twice as small, so the resolution is not as much therefor not allowing you to see quite as deeply into the shadows... Unless I'm mistaken. If I were you I would absolutely use the 500T instead of the 200t. You will get more grains (especially if shooting at 3 or more stops under) but the more sensitive the stock, the less underexposed you need to be. I would imagine that you should not shoot at anything more than 3 stops under actually. I've seen a short film that was shot on 35mm 500T vision 2 at 4 to 5 stops under and, though pretty damn dark, still had an acceptable image. But this is a venue that I'm assuming will be fairly dark. So you should be a bit more careful than that. 2 or 3 stops should be fine completely fine. Hope that helps - Brandon
  7. Hello, I'll be the DP on a 35mm shoot coming up in November. The descision has been made to use steadicam for the entirety of the film. This will be my first 35mm shooting experience, thus forth I'm not so familiar with all the difference brands of these machines. I want to find out. I really only know about "steadicam" and "glyde cam". Does anyone know any other good cine model brands? We're going to rent, and we have a steadicam operator, but I just need to know what to look for, and the difference between the different brands (which ones are better or worse). Much thanks - Brandon
  8. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. I'll get some big silks in frames and cool the color temp. slightly. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Hello, I will be the DP on a student super 16 film coming up this June. Here's the deal. Part of the film will be in the present day and part in the past. The past will be bright and contrasty and the present will be more gloomy and gray. The thing is that we're shooting in June. If the sun is out in full I have to think of some ideas to create that gloomy atmosphere. Was wondering about fog or haze filters. I guess I always assumed that they wouldn't really do it for me, but better to ask some folks who might have used them before. Thanks for any info. -Brandon
  10. Thanks guys for the info. It pretty much falls in line with my initial assumption that, even if it can be fixed, its probably not worth all the effort. Especially since I'm looking to get some good primes for the camera anyway. I have seen some of these lenses create very beautiful images. But I've also seen them produce much less than satisfactory results. How good are the angenieux primes? I see them around from time to time and have always wondered about them. - Cheers
  11. I'm in Paris. I originaly bought that lense for about 400 on ebay so it probably wouldn't be worth it to spend the same amount getting it fixed. With this practically new one your talking about, I'd have to get a professional to screw the piece on or could I do it myself? What portion? The rear element or something less important? Thanks for the info.
  12. I've recently decided to start using my bolex again. The thing is that a few years back my Angenieux 12-120 got completely waterlogged and now has old mildew all over the inner and outer elements. Though I'm mainly interested in getting some good primes to use, I was also wodering if anyone knows how expensive it would be to get the Angenieux cleaned and re calibrated. I guess I always just assumed that it would be to expensive to be worth it...... But maybe I'm wrong. Any info's good info - Thanks
  13. Hello, Just wanted to let you know about the film school I am currently attending since I was going through the same thing about a year and a half ago. It's called EICAR and its in Paris. Great practical. Not so much Theoretical. Tuition is a fraction of what most bigger film schools in US are, but probably more expensive than a community college. Its about 9 to 10 thou a year. Plus you would have cost fo living in Paris. so far I've found all this very well worth it. I'm getting loads of experience, learning somthing new every day, and am making some connections as well. I know you were looking for something within the US, but just thought I'd let you know about this also. Paris is a wonderful city...... Oh yeah, and the BFA over here is only 3 years instead of 4. - Hope you find what you're looking for.
  14. Hello, I hav a bolex REX 4 and was looking on ebay for some cheap but reasonable options for lenses when I came across a set of angeniuex lenses that claim to be "non RX" lenses. What kind of difference does this actually make? If the gate and ground glass is the same on RX and non RX bolex cameras then it should be fine right? Any information appreciated.
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