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  1. so i move to NYC in early Sept, and i have just a few contacts, but im not sure if i feel like they are enough. im a grip/electric...im union where i live. where can i find out about gigs other than craigs list that have a real rate? thanks.
  2. do ya think something like a 2k zip with a long snoot made from foam core maybe?
  3. sorry, just wondering how you guys think they shot this bit of the music video. disreguard the music , yes, not the greatest, just turn down your volume, but at 1:38 in the video, how do ya think they lit that....what units were used as well. thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUspb0gFprI
  4. sorry, just wondering how you guys think they shot this bit of the music video. disreguard the music , yes, not the greatest, just turn down your volume, but at 1:38 in the video, how do ya think they lit that. thanks so much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUspb0gFprI
  5. its a rag that is used to bounce light back into something or somewhere...kinda like a b/w griff....ultra bounce is white on one side and black on the other. great rag....dear lord im horrible at trying to explain myself sometimes. ha
  6. well im a grip for a living. im mostly a 3rd, and time to time im a best boy and a key on smaller stuff. a grip, we shape and diffuse the light, any and all things that dont plug in really, we also do the rigging on set, set points for lights to hang , make things safe, rig back drops and green screens, pulleys and trusses and so on. ummm, as for basic equipment you should know...everything about a c-stand you can learn, 6x's to 20x's , cutters, and loads of other crap....just learn it all. as for pay. you can make a good living as a grip....commercial rate is usually somewhere around 350 for 10 or 425 for 12 hours.....but if your starting out, you wont get rates like that, hop on some indie features, make around 215 a day for 12 and so on. between the rate, the overtime , the perdiem and everything else paid for like hotels and rental cars and so on, you can make a bunch...i just got off a 5 month feature, and yea....im gonna take a long long break. making 280 a day 6 days a week for 5 months. do the math.
  7. as far as budget goes, looking to spend somewhere around 6,000. i think. haha....i dont need anything too wild and crazy, i like the hvx a bunch. used it on some shoots and i liked the work flow, other than loading p2 cards all day. but im really happy with the image, and down the line with the red rock adapter options, that is a darn good possibility if i wanted to shoot with some 35 lenses. its pretty much just for me to shoot stupid little things that i like. no features or anything, ha.
  8. looks like everyone already covered it....only thing i can possibly say is try and use cutters more so than the doors on the head, let your grips do the work....and im sure you already know this, but when using bigger heads try and match the color with the angle of the head, always use color then dif, and match the angle of the head as well. and fill it out like everyone already said.
  9. oh trust me, i like the song. haha, i just wouldnt think the majority of the people on this forum would. but thanks for the insight, i just had no idea how they got that kind of neg. fill.
  10. brian hendry

    2007 cameras?

    im about to purchase an hvx200 and was wondering if i should just hold out for something else, but im not sure what that something else is. Are there some cameras that compare in price to the HVX200 that are going to be coming out fairly soon this year that i might want to look into by chance? thanks.
  11. back and the subjects. so yea, the whole video.
  12. so dont mind the music, just go ahead and turn down the volume.....but, how was this lit do you think? i know its a seamless white backdrop and what not...but what did they do for that look? (post, filters, what?) thanks so much.
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