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  1. The camera can be set at 60HZ or 59.94HZ. I just want to make sure that 60HZ is the right setting. I am shooting at 25fps. what would happen if I shot at 59.94?
  2. Hey, I'm in Europe shooting some Microsoft commercials, we are using the Varicam / PAL. and the question has come up about the HZ rate. my understanding is at 25fps we should be shooting at 60 HZ. Is this correct? Do you have any other insights or feedback? I appreciate it. David davidrmorrison.com
  3. Hi, I'm shooting a film in Albania and Macedonia. I want to insure my meters, camera's and laptop. Do any of you have any experience in these countries or know the best place to find insurance. Thanks, David Morrison davidrmorrison@sbcglobal.net davidrmorrison.com
  4. i think they are the older ones. what have you heard? what's the difference? David
  5. Hi all, I'm shooting a movie in upstate NY. I'm using the Sony F-900/3 and it seems all we can afford are the Canon primes. T 2.1. Have any of you used that series? any drawbacks or pluses? we can't afford the Digi-primes do please be nice. thanks in advance, David Morrison
  6. I'm looking for a 1st A.C. for a feature that shoots in L.A. and Mexico from 10/23 - 11/16. We Need someone who's willing to work for deferred pay. All meals and travel will be taken care of. please contact me if interested. David Morrison
  7. It all begins somewhere. I think you have to look at the initial rejections from an agent as the first part in building a relationship. People like to see progress. It took me 4 years to get an agent in L.A. and a bad one at that.I'm now on my 3rd agent who I love dearly and is the most effective yet. My point is that I built a lot of relationships in the process, with people who have since moved to different places. I'm remembered by last reel or credit and not by where I began. David Morrison
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