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  1. We did this years ESPY awards promos this way and it was really about logistics. Since his accident its very tough for Tracy to stand for very long and do lots of take etc. We had a few dolly shots and needed a tight shot and a wider shot for the different cuts that were done for the different promos. PLUS we were using a teleprompter (which had to be twice as wide). So the setup allowed us to get both the wide and tight while having identical pushes (one dolly) and keeping a similar eyeliner and allowing talent to use the prompter. Another consideration is I've had a few jobs
  2. All good advice above but I would add make sure that if you're pulling remotely that you have some type of full hood for your monitor. The sun will bounce off the sand if you just try to drape something over you.
  3. While I agree with a lot...reality is that sometimes the laser becomes a Need because they don't give you time to pull out a 50' tape. Personally I love my PD42 but totally understand if you can't afford one yet.
  4. Also if you need Senior shelves i have a brand new set in the box for sale.
  5. In New York there is a company that carries the backstage products, not everything, but a decent selection and will order any of them for you. Its called CWIH. They're headquartered in Farmingdale on LI but have a store just off of 9th around 36th - but don't hold me to that location. Sometimes they have better options, I got foam filled tires for my senior cart for $6/ea. which is way better than anywhere else.
  6. I'm looking for a Jimmy Jib Triangle package if anyone has one they want to sell. ~Marque
  7. I had the KiPro Mini and now when jobs tell me its part of the package I turn the job down. It doesn't work. Flat out. Unreliable. I own both a Pix and the Black Magic both work well. The Pix is more advanced and works great. The Black Magic works well but is very simple. Also a hidden cost to the black magic is the hard drives, because it takes larger faster SSDs since it will only do uncompressed or DNxHD 220 it eats through data very quickly and drive costs can add up quickly. Definitely though I would buy a Pix if I were to purchase one right now.
  8. While the manufacture list may be different often there are software differences and it DOES matter what chip you put with what hard drive. The import things to consider more than brand are reliability, redundancy, and speed. Power is a problem that we can usually solve (small generator, batteries, bus powered, etc) but more professional shows have some type of RAID 0+1 array plus a RAID 1 Drive for shuttling the data back and fourth to post. Always have two independent copies. Software that use to make the copy is very important because you want to have some type of checksum to verify the
  9. I custom made my cart so that its narrower and my monitor packs into one of the doors on it. BMD Video SmartHub 16 Cinetal Monitor 4 BMD HD Link boxes (for LUT control to monitors) Apple MBP 15" for processing dallies & for my ultrascope Thunderbolt to 2 card PCI adapter (includes my RedRocket card for Red jobs and my ultrascope card) Thunderbolt to Express adapter Apple MBA for running my LUT software various AJA adapter boxes & D/A boxes BMD UltraStudio I'm sure theres more I'm just not thinking of right now. ~Marque
  10. I find the double booking is getting more common. But I would have to argue against what David said as it isn't so much a commercial thing as its a low budget thing. I've had it happen a few times to me over the last few years and every time it came down to the producer not really caring who the DP really was just trying to get the best rate. I know this because two of the times they ended up hiring people I knew and they had no problem talking to me about it. One time I even had a producer call an apologize since they didn't feel what the other producers did was right. I basically get ar
  11. Its extremely difficult to get a mentor. For some reason today many of the professionals I know who would be great at it are too afraid of losing their jobs to the people they mentor when the mentorship is done because many producers don't care about professional or experiences crews as much as they used to. It almost always need to be someone who is about to retire or someone who is so far above where you would be that it won't matter. The problem is that unless you know those people they most likely won't be open to mentoring you. So... network network network. ~Marque
  12. Does anyone have any experience with Black Magic Design's Camera Converter and Studio Converter? I'm having some problems with it and I'm not sure if its some configuration I'm missing or if the fiber cables I have aren't correct. I'm running 2 strand LC to LC single Mode cable. Thanks, Marque
  13. On Camera or Big monitors? On camera the TV Logic (the small one) is by far my favorite. ~Marque Want To Shoot On Scarlet? http://igg.me/p/48827?a=32535&i=shlk
  14. I've got a bunch of stuff on my vimeo www.vimeo.com/marque and I'm about to redo my reel and wondering what anyone thinks I should keep out of whats up there. Thanks, Marque Want To Shoot On Scarlet? http://igg.me/p/48827?a=32535&i=shlk
  15. If you don't want to seem like a totally newbie by a work belt and walkie headset (surveillance style) ~Marque Want To Shoot On Scarlet? http://igg.me/p/48827?a=32535&i=shlk
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