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  1. I have to say that I really liked the look of Public Enemies, except for the low-light shots in tight spaces. I thought the problem was the script in that it didn't pit Johnny Depp against Christian Bale directly enough. I was looking forward to matching of wits of two the greatest actors of the present age. But the conflict and pursuit came not close at all to what we saw in Bale vs Ledger. I do have to say that I thought "Alice in Wonderland" was unimpressive in just about every way (considering the talent involved).
  2. So you're saying that you thought you paid the tax even though the amount that you wired did not include the tax? And how did Red come by this wrong address across the country?
  3. Karl, the rather opaque douche bag you just wrapped around yourself obscures whatever good points you're trying to make.
  4. Keith, WTF is your problem? Does Adobe make CS 3 work w/ .R3D's? Sony make Vegas 8 work w/ .R3D's? Apple make FCP 7 work w/ .R3D's? No; at some point you have to buy new software to get more functionality. And Avid's upgrade policy pricing is very generous. Like I said, Avid Media Composer has been working natively w/ .R3D's since June of 2010, and Avid DS well before that. Despite Stephen's defense of your previous post, you clearly have not a clue about how to use Red footage in post or Avid in particular. So you're complaining about something you know nothing about. I used to find your posts informative and even amusing. But your constant and persistent obsession w/ bashing all things Red has gone from amusing to ludicrous to down right creepy. You've managed to turn this site into your own little pissing pool, which I'm surprised has been allowed to happen.
  5. Stephen, Keith was talking about Redcode RAW, which MC and DS have been working with for quite awhile. The Epic is new, and yes, for that camera you need to transcode using RedCine-X. This should change in Media Composer 6, which is due out quite soon (but no date has been announced yet). I find it hard to fathom that Avid or Red have said, to date, that MC or DS works natively w/ Epic files. P.S. There is also a bug w/ RC-X transcode for Avid of 25P footage w/ sound, so you might want to look out for that. It's been dicussed on both the Avid and Red forums. HTH.
  6. Stephen, DS has worked natively w/ Red footage for over two years now. And Media Composer has worked natively with .R3D files since MC5 was released in June, 2010. I'm sitting right in front of MC5.5 and have Red files natively linked.
  7. It does, and has for over a year.
  8. I saw it at the Laemmle's Monica 4-Plex on 2nd Street in Santa Monica. I hope it gets a wider release and more buzz, b/c it was excellent.
  9. I just saw "Like Crazy" last night. Mostly liked it, but didn't go crazy over it. I checked the technical specs on it in the IMDB and it says that the film was shot on a Canon 7D. If that's what a 7D looks like blown up on the big screen, then I have to say, that camera can look quite amazing. Much better than I would have thought possible.
  10. I saw "Hell and Back Again." Loved it, very very worth seeing.
  11. The plea agreement says: "The total loss to Band Pro from defendant's unauthorized accesses totaled at least $5,011." and "The parties agree that the applicable amount of restitution in this case is $20,000." But from Reduser, it seems that this incident is much more severe and far reaching.
  12. I think what's at play here is the general public's perception that Natalie did the dancing. (I'm sure she didn't and, IIRC, the AC article said that a stunt double was used extensively for any dancing where you was more than the torso.) Also, Benjamin Millepied left his ballerina girlfriend for Natalie Portman, so I think there may be some bad blood between her and the "ballet world." BTW, here's a " from Sarah Lane that makes her sound much more reasonable: "Looking at it now, do you feel you got the credit you deserved on Black Swan? Definitely not. I feel like the articles that have come out are kind of making me look greedy. In reality what happened was the Dance Magazine editor in chief [Wendy Perron] realized that they took the digital effects video offline and she started blogging about it, how she felt there was cover-up going on, and other people started catching on and writing about it. I don’t want people to think that I’m here to trash Natalie and get fame for myself. I do want people to know that you cannot absolutely become a professional ballet dancer in a year and a half no matter how hard you work. I’ve been doing this for 22 years. Other professional and principal ballet dancers have been doing it for longer. It just takes years to develop yourself as an artist and technically. It’s such a hard field. Ballet dancers don’t get the credit they deserve generally." http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2011/03/26/natalie-portman%E2%80%99s-black-swan-dance-double-says-she-deserves-more-credit/
  13. Keith, I'm sorry but I must be missing the point, obviously. Why do you care about if the media costs fifty cents or fifty pounds? It's truly insignificant either way. Unless you feel it's a great way to archive material, like tape. But then the price of the player matters to some degree... which is why I asked my?. As for theatres, digital venues are going to have play DCP's. So why would they spend even two thousand dollars on a player that can only play Red's proprietary format?
  14. Well here's an axiomatic argument: "... If the general public ever heard the exact price tag of "Avatar" or "Titanic," they would flip out, but those films cost exactly what they had to cost based on who was making them, when they were being made, and how they were being made. ..." Yes, if you insist on doing everything exactly how it was done, it will cost you exactly the same. And here's where I scratched my head: "... Tom Cruise is one of the few people working who I think is a genuine movie star. He opens films. ..." Did he know that "Knight and Day" was made? Has he heard of the Oprah show? Yes Tom Cruise is a big star in that he gets great tables, paparazzi follow him and every detail of his life are a fascination for people. But his name can't open a movie. For example, Johnny Depp and maybe Christan Bale can. Let me get this straight, it's a tragedy that a sci-fi horror story that most people have never heard of is not being made using the A++ list talent, director and producer. Every great, entertaining story doesn't need a Tom Cruise. Films like "Star Wars" were made with much lesser known people and comparatively lesser budgets. This writer needs to channel a lot less Jim Cameron and little more Roger Corman.
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