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  1. Richard, some say Keep the Faith, but you just gave it mate, well said. Adam good luck with the Emmy.
  2. Hi James, try the following http://www.sophocles.net/features.asp I downloaded some sriptwriting software from them. It seems adequate however the reason that I found your message is because I am interested in writing a documentary and was looking for some software. I was going to purchase some as all that I could find was old and I thought I could purchase something better. What do you think of final draft? Is it worth the $250 to buy something like this? Good luck
  3. OK it is only a short show that I hope to make for Television but should a network decide to purchase my show for teenagers and they make an offer what do I say. I really only want to make the production but don't want to go backwards financially. Any suggestions please Adam
  4. Phil, what a great response, any wonder you have taken on the honorable profession in teaching.
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