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  1. Michael, Will it have single frame/stop motion capabilities? Thanks, Allen
  2. Either that, or the person who had this BEFORE the person who sold it so me swapped-out the viewfinder. Or are they not interchangeable?
  3. The serial number is 21XX, and there is a lip on the front plate, and a flip switch on the front, as well as a recessed thumb wheel on the motor. It's an ACL II alright. Thanks again for your help! Allen
  4. Thanks, Craig, that is a huge help. I don't have it with me at the moment (I'm at work), but the serial number is over 2000. I does have the recessed flip switch in the front, and the lip on the front baseplate. I'll check it later for the other two items you mentioned, but I think it is the ACL II. Allen
  5. I just bought an ACL from someone who identified it as an ACL 1.5, but now that it has arrived (I bought it over the internets) and I'm looking at it I wonder if it isn't an ACL II. It has the flip down cover for the magazine latch, but the Angenieux viewfinder (Frankenstein?), the magazines are French (2-part pressure plate with the 4 guide tabs), and it has the 4 pin XLR power input. I'm a hobbyist and certainly not an expert, so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I am going to be shipping it off in a few months to be checked out/overhauled as-needed. Thanks in advance! Allen
  6. Thanks to everyone for their great advice! I've been busy at work and I'm just now catching up with this post. I think I will keep the CP mount and keep my eyes open for a good Angenieux 10-150. I think Alain was advising me on the camera I'm actually buying from him, which is a non-reflex CP. But what I'm asking about is for a reflex CP-16R/A. Thanks again for the great advice! Allen
  7. Oops. I meant to say it's a Carl Zeiss 10-100 mm lens. Thanks, Allen
  8. I've recently acquired a CP-16R/A and I'm debating about which lens to buy. The camera has the orginal CP mount, so I'm wondering if I should consider a new "old" lens that Whitehouse is selling (Super16 Angenieux 17.5 - 70 zoom, mint), a regular 16 10-100 Angenieux zoom, or if I should get the lens mount changed when I have the camera serviced. Some other info about my situation. 1. I'm not yet sure if I'm going the S16 route. That's for another post! ; ) 2. I have very little $$ invested in the camera, but I think it's in good shape. 3. I'm not a TOTAL noob, but my previous experience was with a Bolex H16 M5 4. I don't have a lot of $ to spend at present, and both of these lenses look like they're in at least decent shape and they aren't very expensive ($300-$400 range). Opinions? Much appreciated! Allen
  9. Hi Jonathan, I'm new to this forum, so I hope I'm not out of line when I ask you this, but since your fiancee is a cinematographer and this is a big purchase, maybe you should ask her what she wants. It sounds like you're wanting to surprise her - which I think is great - but she's the one that's going to be using the camera. Just my 2 cents. Allen
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