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  1. hi there, we r shooting with ultra primes and the arri 416. now, is the depth of field the same even though i'm using 35mm lenses on a super 16mm? or is it still what it would be like with a16mm lens like the zeiss high speeds..? example:we r shooting with the UP50mm and the arri416. is the depth of field now like a 50mm on 35mm camera or rather like a 65mm on a 16mm camera?
  2. oh, yes, they do it in cape town my bru! it's part of every propper camera/lesns test. even though i must admit it's realy a bit too much. the meaning of the harp test is to make sure that ur eyefocus is correct. calibrating the eyepiece is nbot enough. u perform a lens test in order to make sure the focal length from the lens/camera mount to the film gate is correct. the harp test makes sure the focal length from the camera mount to the eyepiece is fine aswell. it should be 52mm(for ARRI) just like the focal length of the filgate. if it is incorrect u'll get into toubles when u rely on eyefocus instead on ur measuretape. we taek a test chart that consist of thin lines (about one every 1cm). if u twist it it looks like a harp. place it in front of the camera, close focus, take a long lens e.g. 85mm, open the stop to create a small depth of field. now focus one of the lines and mark it with a arrow or colored dot or whatever. the lines running away from the camera and the closer ones should be slighty out of focus and completly soft. shoot it and looking at the test the result needs to look just like what u've seen through the eyepiece. if not- if any other line is more in focus than the one u've marked withe the arrow/dot- u need to fix the focal length from camera mount to eyepiece. but i've honestly nerver heared of anyone who had to adjust it.... cheers
  3. i'm supposed to film with the varicam and digiprimes and was wondering about the (white) shading. how to do it and why..i'm not too familiar with hd cams so maybe someone out there has an answer for me. thanx! m
  4. thanx tony! gonna check out the link and will contact anthony aswell. cheers!
  5. hi there, i was wondering if anyone out there could tell me about the filmindustry in dubai. maybe someone has worked or even lived in dubai for a little while and is willing to share his/her experience with me. i was wondering what the conditions are like....payment, qualification of crew members(standard), do they have crew agencies, are they in need of people,when is their season, are the majority (internat.) commercials,is it growing just like any ohter sector in the country, maybe a contact of a dop/ac etc in duubai...what ever you can tell me about dubai as a filmcountry is interesting to me! thanx so far!
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