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  1. Thank Freya, and Edgar dont worry too much. Who knows it might be a blessing in disguise ;-)
  2. Hi Edgar, it was a letter - so heres hoping for you! R
  3. Hi Edgar, I was not selected for an interview. I am not that disappointed, I will make films either way. It would have been nice but, I am going to concentrate on making the best short films I can, with the money I would have invested in that course. I take my cue from such British directors like Shane Meadows, Christopher Nolan, who have trodden down their own path to get to where they are. I will do the same. If you got your interview congratulations, and for those of us who did not, chin up you'll be a more resilient filmmaker for the setback and in the words of Frederich Neitzche; "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Good old Frederich.
  4. Well if interviews are being held around the 25th June my chances have just lucked themselves out. Hopefully some comrades on this thread will have more of a chance. As for me, I am going to ride off into the sunset with head held firmly high! ;-)
  5. Hi thanks Prokopi, How did you hear about that from your friend applying? btw are interviews held first and then the shortlisted people get to do the workshop later? Thanks,
  6. btw do all cinematography students who get shortlisted have to attend the 3 day work shop? i wish you all the best luck anyhow..
  7. Well whatever happens, happens. Chin up and all that, it would just be nice to know sooner rather than later, i can then plan accordingly......
  8. Surely its about using what you've got and making it the best you can, $200K is alot of bucks to me, i am sure its alot of bucks for anyone, my budget = shoe string. ! the day i get that kind of budget i would be a happy chap
  9. Has anyone heard back for interviews? I suppose they contact people quite quickly regarding places on the cinematography course........
  10. Thanks for that, I shouldnt let things get to me too much. I always let things get to me, I cant help it but I need to find a strong skin from somewhere fast. -thing is I was thinking, perhaps you need the gift of the gab to be some big time director or rather a particular kind of director. I believe everyone can direct a film, but alot of those films - from people who perhaps think they couldnt take the helm would end up with unconventional films. I suppose what I am trying to say is that in the interview it made me question my leadership skills. But i have hope that in certain situations lots of people can display those characteristics, including me. its what people DO that matters I suppose and not what they speak -
  11. So I am looking for temping work, telesales, yeah that sounds like a good idea. Worst interview I have honestly ever had. Apparently I lack motivation, passion etc etc. How can you get passionate about selling internet packages to unsuspecting innocent people. Am I missing something here? Should people actually get excited over prospects like this? What is going on. I feel terrible after that interview, it really irks me when someone says, "wheres your passion?" But the interviewer has only just met me. How can they pass judgment so quick like that. So I am a bit quiet and don't jump around much. So? That doesn't make people less passionate about things. What am I doing going for interviews like this. I feel dejected. "Well i hope youre more passionate when you go try interviews for jobs in the media," What? How can you say that? You're basing a character assessment on a 10 minute meeting? i dont know.... :(
  12. What i will do is get some and some india stills and compare........=
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