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  1. Just got off a shoot last week and found a great tool for an LCD monitor arm. Here it is: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/3254...ic_Arm_Kit.html So, I think I found what I am looking for. It can't clamp onto 15mm rod support but I'm sure it can be adapted somehow. I was happy enough clamping it onto my sticks although it had to be adjusted everytime I would raise the legs but it was the strongest arm I've ever used, but well worth it.
  2. Funny. I was working with the company that edited that piece at the time. Dig'd all the Deakins interviews and b-roll. There was A LOT of stuff with him. Pretty cool to finally see it up! -Benjamin
  3. Hey Rory, is this what you had in mind? http://www.filmtools.com/mini-cardellini-u...itor-mount.html
  4. Thanks Michael. Do you have a different system that you've used successfully? Something that could be used with rod support?
  5. Hey Mitch, Thanks. How much can your zacuto arms handle as far as weight? The Noga arm I used couldn't always handle the Marshall 7" we used. How do the Zacuto's compare? Thanks again. -Benjamin
  6. Hey Paul Thanks for the help. I'd like to get something that I can clamp onto my rod suport though. I apologize for not stating that in my original post. Any ideas with that in mind?
  7. Hi, My beloved Eclair CM3 is in the shop getting a video tap. I have been looking around for different arms that will be strong and sturdy. I've worked with the Noga arm but had bad experiences with it not holding the monitor up too well. I've see some great arms being used with panavision packages, but am not aware of what they are. Any idea? Ultimately, just looking for something that can handle a 4 to 5in LCD. Thanks for any help on this. -Benjamin
  8. Tim, Sorry, I didn't mean to confuse. It's the lens in the adapter that vibrates. -Benjamin
  9. Hey Chris, I really want to use these lenses to their fullest potential, but it kinda makes it difficult with a defective adapter. Other than that, I love these lenses. They're exactly what I need right now and I honestly don't see upgrading to a better set anytime soon. I got a steal of a deal! -Benjamin
  10. Hey Tim, The PL mount is fine. It's the lens in the adapter that vibrates. I've shot tests with Zeiss Super Speeds and Optar lenses at wider focal lengths with no problems. I've also thought that it might be a pressure plate issue, but had(the lens loose in the adapter issue) confirmed by George at Optical Electro house. Also, I don't find this "on average the lenses are over fifty years old, and most have seen extensive use, those slots in the lens have opened up quite a bit, which makes them slightly loose in any adapter and in any "ARRI standard mount" on a camera." to be the case. I have an arri-16-S and have mounted my Cooke lenses on that camera, no problem, tight as tight can be. Also tried my other Arri Standard lenses with the adapter and get the same issue. Oh well, I'll just have to wait a while for a new adapter. -Benjamin
  11. Hey Tim, Thanks for sharing your experience. The problem is different than the one you are having, though is causing similar offsets in the FFD. The problem with this adapter in particular is that the lens is not held tightly in the adapter, this is due to the width of the tongue in the adapter being a bit smaller than the hole it is meant for on the lens. So, when I put it in, it's loose and is made even more apparent when I try to pull focus. You can see / feel it pretty clearly. Whats even worse is I can get critical focus properly(very carefully), but when the camera runs, the adapter vibrates in the mount causing it to vary in the FFD. This became shockingly apparent in the dailies of the Asymptomatic trailer I shot. You could see the focus spot on at the head of every shot as the flashed frames go by and frame by frame('til motor gains synch) it looses it's proper FFD and then the subject becomes soft. I've talked to Les about this and he assured me a replacement will be made sometime. I really hope he sends one. I know he's a reputable guy, I've just been shooting more 35mm lately so theses lenses are my only ones, without a good adapter, what do I have? Though I've found a way to remedy this with a bit of gaffers tape, it's not efficient and takes about 1-2 minutes everytime I want to change lenses and get the tape just right. -Benjamin
  12. Hey Tim, Yeah, I used them with the adapter. I had a feeling something like that was going to happen due to an offset of FFD. Oh well, you live you learn right? -Benjamin
  13. Those interested, I started this thread a while back when I was thinking about getting some Speed Panchros. Well, I've had them for a bit and have had a chance to shoot a project with them. You can check out the other thread I started "Asymptomatic" a 35mm trailer to see how these lenses performed. Check it out if you have some time. Thanks. -Benjamin
  14. Hi again, I've got some un-corrected frame grabs available to look at. Every shot other than "dead_bodies", "Leon_chess_piece" and "Leon_searches" was shot on w/ 5205. Those three mentioned above was shot with 5219 which came out better than I expected as far as grain structure and tightness is concerned, also held shadow detail a lot better than anticipated too. I almost feel like WYSIWYG with this stock, very pleasing color rendition for my tastes. Unfortunately some of my shots were a bit soft, I will be getting my lenses collimated soon and will be performing some other lens tests too to help avoid this in the future. Only the wider lenses were soft during a few shots, makes me wonder... Anyway, take a look. http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...am_speaking.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...an_speaking.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...=ChessPiece.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...=DeadBodies.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...freyWriting.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...=Leon_inCar.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...nChessPiece.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...rent=LeonCU.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...nt=LeonDave.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...rchingAllan.jpg Thanks for looking! -Benjamin
  15. Hey everyone, Recently shot a trailer for a feature I wrote a while back. I have attempted to shoot this trailer 2 times before this, due to lack of talent and funds I wasn't able to begin production. But 3rd times the charm, so they say. The story takes place during a post-apocalyptic time in America, but we also go back to the time before America was hit with a disease, the same disease that helped to kill King George the 3rd. So during that time, it is a more dramatic setting than horror-thriller. In a nut shell, the story involves two UK extremists, the war of 1775, a cowboy-like bounty hunter, a hemophiliac, a power-hungry soap company(bit of humor) and a widespread disease. The two UK extremists believe the war of 1775 shouldn't have ended the way it did... where America declared their independence. So, eventually these two spread a disease known as Porphyria throughout America in order to salvage King George the 3rd's plan in a way. Putting America out of power and leaving the UK the most powerful. Only two people on the western side of America(who happened to have been unconscious during the breakout) are still alive(or not affected) and try to figure out what is happening and why. Throughout the screenplay they figure out why but still wonder why they are still alive. The title of the movie is Asymptomatic. Anyway, onto the set pics and other info. Below you will find a few pics of what was shot. Unfortunately, I didn't have a set photographer there the whole time, but it was two intense days of shooting and another quick day of two more shots done in the morning. Once is a exterior (static) car shot of one of the leads about to receive some info from an anonymous source. Lighting setup was a 575 HMI for his key light, a 2K w/3202 for fill, a 650 w/2xbastard amber for a hair light, 1x1/4 cto and a 2K with some Cyan for a background light. Another of the male UK extremist preparing the packaging of the disease, HMI(not up in picture) for key and 3 x 500w flood lights w/ Cal Color 90 Red for a background and hair light. Another thrown in as well. I used my Eclair CM-3 and Cooke S2/3's. Stocks used, primarily '05 and some of the new V3 '19 which I thought came out fantastic for being in a low light setting. I will try and get some frame grabs once I get the D5 tape from the transfer. http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...nt=DSC_0004.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...nt=DSC_0194.jpg http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm194/4...nt=DSC_0126.jpg -Benjamin
  16. John, A while ago(approx. 3 years), I bought a set of britek lights. They lasted for a while, up until just recently. One light blew, then for some odd reason I tried plugging in the good one to find out which one blew and it blew out. You're better off investing in some quality units. I use my 2K's now, a lot more than the Briteks. Also used home made soft boxed lights more when they(briteks) weren't blown yet. -Benjamin
  17. Niki, I moved out here almost two years ago and found work pretty quickly, within a month to a month and a half(and an internship just before the paying job). I did not know anyone out here, but I found a great way of getting work, that showed it's not always about who you know. Anyway, PM me if you've got a minute. -Benjamin
  18. Thanks David. Much appreciated. My concern with this method, is having to try and find that spot in a trial and error manner. I'd like to either have it done on the fly or have panavision do this with there mags and reverse it. It would just take less time if I didn't have too much time to begin with. If I had mags with reverse capability it would be much easier, but unfortunately I do not. If I get the film early enough and have time I will try this method. Do you have general stop(5-10%flash) for this method of DIY flashing? I might just have to go this route. I'm looking to test some chocolate filters/gels and mercury vapor light as well. Thanks. -Benjamin
  19. Thanks Michael. Yeah I'm looking to get my film flashed before I actually shoot anything. I figured the two would be the best way, though I think the varicon might be more practical as I would just need to attach it to a matte box, run the film. I'm going to give Panavision woodland hills a call to see if the panaflasher might be available for this service. But anymore suggestions as to where I get find a varicon would be great. -Benjamin
  20. Hello everyone, I would like to flash some film for an upcoming project. I've learned that many labs do not offer this service and flashing it myself is not practical at this point. The varicon and panaflasher are my next options. I live in Los Angeles, so there must be somewhere here that will do this for me. Would I be able to have Panavision do this for me? I haven't been able to find a varicon anywhere in LA, if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. -Benjamin
  21. Yeah, I bet I will. He sent me a digi-beta of some footage about a week ago and the stuff was just fantastic. There was a lot more contrast and sharpness to those lenses than I had originally thought. Granted it was a best-light, but it really shows the potential. Hopefully I will be getting my Arri Std to PL adapter in time to test these lenses out while I do some tests with high speed Optars and Zeiss Super Speeds. But I can definitely see the cookes could being used for commercial work. -Benjamin
  22. Those interested, I finally received my Cookes in today. The glass is almost too clean to be true. There are a few small nicks on the 18mm front element but other than that, they are pristine. The only problem I've found is that some of the iris rings are too easy to adjust and too close to the focus ring. In other words, when I try to focus on some of the lenses, there is about a 90% chance of accidently adjusting the aperture(about a stop if not careful). I hope that when I get them geared, it will allow for more width and more space between the two rings, whenever I pull focus manually. Will post more info when I've had more time to work with them. Also will try to get some test footage up as well. -Benjamin
  23. Thanks for that Hal. I purchased the Cal Color 90 Red today and did a quick test. It turned out well and is better than the heat lamps that I had purchased. I took a look at the Storaro Red but did feel it was quite what I wanted. I will be doing some more in-depth tests with the Cal Color sometime soon as well. -Benjamin
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